Digital ID verification

Digital ID Verification Solutions

Seamlessly connect to global digital ID frameworks

Connect to the global network of digital identities with a single open-source solution. Gear up your business with a comprehensive document verification solution supporting global digital wallets like ID, driving licenses and resident permit networks for frictionless and secure onboarding.


Prepare your business for evolving verification needs and industry changes.

Full automation

X2 higher automation rate than other solutions in the market.

Effortless onboarding

Enjoy seamless user experiences with frictionless digital ID verification.

Revolutionize the way you authenticate and interact in the digital realm

Revolutionize the way you authenticate
Complete digital ID management
Seamlessly handle digital IDs, including digital signature verification and data extraction.
Advanced data extraction
Extract information from the digital layer of PDFs, enhancing classification and data extraction accuracy.
Third-party validation
Validate individuals against card issuers through trusted third-party services.
Innovative digital appearance flow
Introduce an innovative workflow for managing digital appearances effectively.
Real-time processing
Instant verification results for fast user onboarding (6-8 seconds).
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