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Get cutting-edge crypto identity verification for enhanced security, ensured compliance, and unshakable investor trust.

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The crypto industry appeals to professional fraudsters due to its perceived high-profit prospects and inherent anonymity. Choose the only multilayered KYC, KYB, and AML solution proven to stop organized crime and deepfakes from entering your online trading platform.


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Onboard customers faster.


fraud detection precision

Spot and thwart fraud.


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Streamline your operation.

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Reach and convert more customers quicker.

The European regulation on Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) is setting a new standard for crypto-asset markets

AU10TIX stands at the forefront of the battle against cryptocurrency-related crime. Our efforts to detect and prevent illicit activities in the digital assets sector are vital in maintaining the integrity of the financial industry. Our solutions have built-in compliance with MiCA and other regulations around the world.

Safer crypto trader verification with secure KYC compliance that doesn’t crash during surges

AU10TX’s crypto verification is powered by Identity Verification Suite’s cutting-edge automation, advanced fraud detection, and robust data verification for uncompromised security and complete investor convenience. We were the only IDV platform to handle the crypto surges of 2017 and 2021 without a hitch in onboarding.

Liveness Check
Prevent fraud with seamless liveness detection checks.
Face-to-selfie Checks
Use facial recognition to enhance and quicken verification.
Biometrics Verification
Verify clients using hard-to-beat biometric data
Age Verification
Establish client age with access to government records.
Address Verification
Confirm client address using trusted databases.
Voice & Video Consent
Strengthen verification with voice and video consent.
Ongoing KYC Checks
Consistently achieve compliance with real-time customer record surveillance.

Identity verification crypto & trading platforms rely on

Secure end-to-end automation of all KYB and KYC verification with AML screening managed through a central hub for unrivaled crypto identity verification.

Gloabal Crypto Identity Verification


Support documents from different countries to cater to a diverse customer base


Achieve double the automation rate with fully automated document capture.

Advanced Document Verification

Advanced Document Verification

Detect forged or counterfeit documents instantly using innovative AI technology

crypto verification

Advanced Fraud Detection

Maximize security by leveraging with over 160 forensic and digital checks

PII verification and data discrepancy

PII Verification and Data Discrepancy

Ensure the integrity of customer data against official government databases

identity verification crypto


Manage all verification processes in one platform; create workflows and rules for streamlined operations

Trusted by some of the largest brands in the industry

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FAQs about Identity Verification for Crypto & Trading

How does AU10TIX handle surges in crypto trading?

AU10TIX’s verification systems are scalable, robust, and reliable. They handled crypto surges in 2017 and 2021 without any hitches in onboarding. Our systems are designed to maintain high performance even during peak trading periods.

What specific verification checks does AU10TIX offer?

AU10TIX offers a variety of verification checks, including liveness detection, face-to-selfie checks, biometrics verification, age verification, address verification, and voice and video consent. These checks help ensure users’ authenticity.

How does AU10TIX’s crypto identity verification enhance security?

AU10TIX’s crypto identity verification enhances security by using a multilayered approach that includes KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business), and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions. These technologies work together to detect and prevent organized crime and deepfakes from entering online trading platforms.

What is the significance of the liveness check in the verification process?

The liveness check is essential in preventing fraud by ensuring that the person being verified is physically present and not using a static image or video.

How does AU10TIX’s centralized hub improve the verification process?

The centralized hub allows businesses to manage all verification processes in one platform, creating workflows and rules for streamlined operations. This centralization improves efficiency and ensures consistent compliance across all checks.

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