Verifiable Credentials

Helping people reclaim control of identity and data, with Verifiable Credentials.

Compliance costs, privacy concerns, data liability, fraud. Let’s face it, centralized identity management has been a lose-lose for people and organizations.

Now, a new open standard of Verifable Credentials is shifting the thinking of who should hold and control the keys of personal data. It’s a win-win for everybody.

The Era of Self-sovereign Identity

Verifiable Credentials: a total step change in who holds the keys to personal data

Microsoft & AU10TIX: Verified ID

AU10TIX is a select Microsoft Partner helping Azure Active Directory customers push ‘go’ with Entra Verified ID

Heard of Entra Verified ID? It’s Microsoft’s Verifiable Credentials offering – one of two ways for Active Directory customers to push ‘go’ on their Verifiable Credentials future.

What’s the second way? It’s called Contextual Credentials – AU10TIX’s very own, independent Verified Credentials architecture used by global brands.

Whether it’s Microsoft Verified ID or AU10TIX Contextual Credentials, our 40+ years pioneering identity verification technology makes us your ‘go-to’ Verifiable Credentials partner.

Trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Using Azure Active Directory already? Perfect. Activating Microsoft Verified ID is easy.

Click below for everything you need to configure your Microsoft Verified ID capabilities from your Azure account.

Once configured, AU10TIX will be your Microsoft Verified ID credentials issuer and verification partner – chosen and trusted by Microsoft.

Au10tix Contextual Credentials

Microsoft Verified ID isn’t the only path to your Verifiable Credentials future. There is another way…

Contextual Credentials is AU10TIX’s very own Verifiable Credentials architecture built on over 40 years’ worth of identity intelligence innovations.

Click below and discover how AU10TIX Contextual Credentials puts you in the driving seat on your fast tracked journey to Verifiable Credentials and decentralized identity management. 

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