Serial Fraud Monitor

See organized attacks coming from a mile away.

Protect your business from sophisticated, undetectable fraud.

70% of serious fraud cases slip through regular IDV checks

Powered by advanced neural networks, AU10TIX’s award-winning Serial Fraud Monitor is designed to combat coordinated traffic-level attacks, helping you to stay ahead of the game and ensure the safety of your business.

Monitor subtle fraud patterns and behaviors, moment-by-moment at a live-traffic level

A game-changer in loss prevention, saving organizations over $2.5 billion in H1 2023

  • Traffic-level anomaly detection: Advanced neural network technology that goes beyond conventional measures, analyzing non-ID data and behavioral patterns.
  • Double-layered protection: Mitigates risk through innovative double-defense layer approach.
  • Post-breach cleanup: On-the-spot damage control to minimize losses and recover quickly from an attack.
  • Reputation scoring and consortium: Validation enhanced reliability and trustworthiness with reputation scoring and data cross-checking in a consortium of trusted users.

Experience the unmatched strength of AU10TIX’s Serial Fraud Monitor

Spot undetectable

With unmatched

Protect your

With multi-layered


Of financial and reputational

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