Telco industry

Stop identity fraud and SIM swapping

Fight subscriber fraud, impersonation, and account takeover with our identity verification solutions

Protect your business from identity theft claims and unauthorized account charges

AU10TIX’s comprehensive detection capabilities empower telco providers to conduct advanced forgery tests across three levels—data, visual, and digital—offering anomaly detection capabilities like no other.



< 1%

False acceptance rate


Increase in authentic users


Higher conversion rate

Secure your network with advanced identity verification


Full ID support handling all types of credentials, supporting both physical and digital IDs


Extensive coverage of over 240 countries and territories, supporting a wide array of documents.


Reduce identity theft through various biometric combinations like liveness detection and face comparisons.


Validate subscriber personal information including names, dates of birth, SSN, and other relevant data.


Verify subscriber addresses against trusted sources for an additional layer of protection.

Advanced fraud detection

Enhanced accuracy with extensive visual and digital forensic checks and robust document scanning technology.

SIM owner verification

Authenticate subscribers to eliminate SIM swap fraud

Prepaid account verification

Verify customer identity for prepaid accounts to reduce risk of fraud scams

New account opening

Ensure all new accounts belong to legitimate subscribers with online and in-person verification

eSIM verification

Securely extract the user’s device credentials and verify against external data sources for remote provisioning.

Account abuse

Verify subscribers’ accounts to avoid exploitation of promotional offers, free trials, and discounts.

Continuous verification

Ensure ongoing authentication to prevent unauthorized access and enhance user trust.

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Telco Identity Verification FAQs

How do AU10TIX solutions help my telco business avoid legal liabilities from fraudulent activities?

Our robust ID verification engine prevents fraudulent activities, reducing the risk of identity theft claims and unauthorized account charges. This proactive approach helps you avoid unnecessary lawsuits and legal liabilities.

How does AU10TIX ensure regulatory compliance while maintaining a frictionless onboarding process?

We integrate a built-in regulatory toolbox that ensures full compliance with industry regulations. Simultaneously, our solutions streamline the onboarding process, reducing drop-offs and enhancing user experience by eliminating the friction commonly associated with traditional verification methods.

What makes your verification methods more reliable than traditional methods?

Traditional verification methods often involve manual review, which can lead to inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Our automated solutions leverage advanced technologies to provide reliable and accurate verification, minimizing errors and improving overall security.

How do your solutions help fight SIM swapping and prevent subscriber fraud?

Our advanced verification technologies ensure reliable identity verification, protecting subscribers from identity fraud and SIM swapping. By securing subscribers’ identities, we prevent fraudulent activities and maintain the integrity of telecom networks.

How does AU10TIX secure subscriber identities and prevent account takeovers?

Our robust ID verification systems are designed to effectively secure subscriber identities. By implementing advanced security measures, we prevent account takeovers and protect subscriber information from unauthorized access.

How do your solutions authenticate prepaid accounts and secure networks against fraudsters?

We use trusted verification methods to authenticate prepaid accounts, ensuring secure transactions and building user trust. Our comprehensive fraud prevention solutions safeguard telecom networks from fraudsters, providing operational security and peace of mind for providers and subscribers alike.

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