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Security is in our DNA

No one knows identity like we do.

Over thirty years ago, we built the technology that provided identity intelligence for airports and border control around the globe. Over time our experience led us to develop innovative, fast, and accurate methods for automating the process in a digital world.

We’ve stood the test of time. Our deep experience as the world’s first enterprise solution for identity verification means we can support you today and well into the future.

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We’re the fraud experts

We work hard to keep our technology one step ahead of emerging threats so we can fight terrorism and serious identity fraud anytime, anywhere.

Our tech is future proof

We’re relentless innovators. Our solutions are forward thinking, home-grown, 100% native IP. When something goes wrong, we can fix everything because we built it.

We know compliance

Our solutions boast built-in compliance with current global KYC, AML, age, and identity verification regulations.

AU10TIX protects the world’s largest brands

We stand out in a saturated market

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