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Our origins in airport security make us the fraud experts.

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Fully automated verification increases accuracy and reduces manual reviews.

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Users love our seamless onboarding and simplified identity verification process.

Future-proof technology

Stay ahead of emerging threats and evolving regulatory requirements.

What sets us apart

Seamless integration
Built-in regulatory toolbox
Leading edge backend
Deep fake protection
Global coverage
Smart document capture
Serial fraud monitoring
Continuous verification
Enhanced security
Front-line technology
Fully automated
Highest accuracy
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Your complete identity verification solution under one roof


All-in-one suite offering the best identity capabilities. Choose your journey and start verifying today.


Add a second layer of defense and protect your business from sophisticated fraud and coordinated traffic-level attacks.

Digital ID

Verify users’ identities with verifiable digital credentials, tamper-proof and easily shared across different platforms.


Experience industry-leading capabilities with our top-tier platform. All via a single platform.

Choose your Solution

Discover our variety of ID verification solutions that fit any need. From KYC and AML regulations to POA and biometrics, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are accessible wherever you are, anytime, on any device.

Our top customer’s stories

Compliant onboarding that converts

Navigate KYC regulations with uncompromised speed and accuracy

AU10TIX’s IDV Suite demonstrates that full compliance doesn’t compromise our ability to deliver fast, automated, and accurate results. Our mature neural networks and advanced detection techniques effectively handle sophisticated threats, including deepfake and synthetic identity fraud.

Authenticate customers efficiently with a single solution for every use case

ID Verification

Full ID support handles all types of credentials, supporting physical and digital IDs.

Age Verification

Multi-match age verification based on data capture and picture estimation.

Address Verification

Verify customer addresses via data extracted from utility bills.

Document forgery checks

Ai-based detection with real-time, multi-layered analysis for enhanced digital security.

Voice & video consent

Ensure compliance with built in consent capture during the ID verification process.

Reduce identity theft through various biometric combinations like facial and voice recognition.

Age estimation

Estimate user age with advanced algorithms for age verification and compliance with age restriction regulations.

Face login

Enhanced security through real-time face comparison, ensuring seamless and reliable re-authentication as part of continuous verification.

Address Verification

Verify customer addresses via data extracted from utility bills.

Liveness detection

Detect signs of liveliness during ID verification to prevent spoof attacks, ensuring real-time video stream and evidence capture.

Face compare

Compare the live face with the image on the ID to ensure ownership legitimacy.

Ensure the authenticity of personal data by cross-referencing with external databases.

PII (Personal Identifiable Information) checks

Validate customers’ personal information, including names, dates of birth, SSNs, and other relevant data.

AML (Anti Money Laundering) screening

Screen customer data against global watchlists and identify potential money laundering risks.

PEP & sanction screening

Identify high-risk individuals linked to political exposure or illicit activities on global watchlists to detect potential money laundering risks with the option to include a custom flag list.

Adverse media

Detect potential risks and discover negative press associated with individuals or entities.

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