Forensic Identity Intelligence Since 1982

Critical identity verification moments customers barely remember

Verified, compliant and fraud-free onboarding results between 4 to 8 seconds. By the time you read this sentence, AU10TIX would have converted countless human smiles, identity documents and data points into authenticated, all-access passes to your products, services and experiences.

Trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide

Handle surges in signups without compromising on fraud, compliance & customer experience

A well-earned media feature or stray Elon Musk tweet can bring a tsunami of potential new customers clamoring your way. What if you’re not ready? AU10TIX makes sure you can handle demand with responsive, scalable, fully automated identity verification and management that won’t compromise on fraud risk or user experience.

Our identity verification Solutions


Our identity has changed over the years. Our principles & pioneering vision haven’t.

Before providing fully automated identity verification and management solutions for the digitally dependent global enterprises of today, we championed innovations in passenger screening technology for airports and border control all over the world. That’s why we can tell you with complete confidence that we’re the world leader in identity intelligence working towards a more secure and inclusive world.


Our Technologies

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

–Arthur C. Clarke, author, 2001: A Space Odyssey
100% Automated Platform
AU10TIX’s neural networks & machine learning technology is faster, less error-prone & more scalable than manual or semi-manual verification.
Omni-Channel Solution
Onboard via call centers, SMS, apps, websites, stores & mail doves. Even smoke signals. Ok, maybe not smoke signals (yet).
Global Coverage
AU10TIX speaks identity intelligence fluently, reading document types in regional languages for over 190 countries.
Transparent, Comprehensive Results
Forensic-level verification with granular risk adjustment options beyond basic ‘YES’/’NO’ results, so that you can optimize to business preferences
Low-Quality Image Processing Prowess
Superior computer vision and automated in-session image-quality cues ensure valid user-submitted images, picture perfect or not, are read with ease rather than frustration.
4 to 8 Seconds To Verify
A level of automation all on its own. No templates, no humans, no ‘we’ll get back to you’. Just express identity onboarding users tell their friends about.

Industry Accolades