Biometric Identity Verification System

Defend against identity theft and fraudulent impersonation

Advanced biometrics with precision and integrity

Enhance the strength of your authentication process with a biometric solution that’s anchored by a top NIST-rated algorithm. With real-time comparisons and stringent liveness detection, we deliver unmatched accuracy. Manage a range of verifications, from ID to selfie and beyond, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable identity verification experience.

Enhanced security

Utilize unique physical or behavioral characteristics to bolster protection.

Reliable accuracy

Advanced algorithms for high-precision identification process.

Minimize drops

Seamless and consistent identification experience users barely notice.

Unrivaled accuracy powered by NIST-top-rated algorithms

Face Compare

Compare facial features in two images using forensic detectors to confirm identity.

Liveness detection

Prevent spoof attacks and ensure security with real-time video stream monitoring and evidence capture.

Age Estimation

Estimate user age with advanced algorithms for age verification and compliance with age-restricted regulations.

Face-to-Face Verification

Conduct real-time video verification to ensure the presence of the user.

Real-time comparisons

NIST-designated for top algorithm accuracy and equipped with anti-biasing capabilities.

Comprehensive biometric support

Seamlessly match ID to selfie, selfie to selfie, and selfie to token, catering to a wide array of verification needs.
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AU10TIX mentioned for age verification services in the Gartner® report Emerging Tech: Security - Age Verification and Consent Tracking

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