Deepfake detection software

Setting new standards for security in the digital age

Spot perfect fakes with AU10TIX’s double-layered defense

Protect your digital ecosystem against the undetected threat of deepfakes with our Serial Fraud Monitor utilizes AI-driven detection to stop presentation and injection attacks and ensure the authenticity of your customer’s identity.

Stay safe

with multi-level protection.

Minimize risk

of financial and reputational damage.

Spot perfectly rendered deepfakes

with unmatched precision.

Regular IDV checks can miss up to 70% of fakes

deepfake detection with regular idv solution
Traffic-level anomaly detection
Advanced neural network technology that goes beyond conventional measures, analyzing non-ID data and behavioral patterns.
Layered protection
Mitigate risk through innovative multiple-defense layer approach.
Post-breach cleanup
On-the-spot damage control to minimize losses and recover quickly from an attack.
Reputation scoring and consortium
Validation enhanced reliability and trustworthiness with reputation scoring and data cross-checking in a consortium of trusted users.
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Payoneer uncovers 21,000 falsely approved serial fraudsters with AU10TIX Serial Fraud Monitor achieving 99.83% precision

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AU10TIX mentioned for age verification services in the Gartner® report Emerging Tech: Security - Age Verification and Consent Tracking

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