Point-of-Sales (POS) Identification

Fully automated in-person identity verification

Fast and reliable point-of-sale identity verification

Accelerate your verification process for on-the-spot, accurate outcomes using our seamless and secure point-of-sale (POS) identification solution. Enhance retail efficiency and customer experiences with efficient, in-person identity verification.

Verify anywhere

Authenticate customers without friction anywhere while elevating the customer experience.

Security at its core

Eliminate 80% of your identity fraud risks with ID document and biometric checks.

Compliance excellence

Ensure compliance with regulations through advanced fraud detection capabilities.

Enjoy all the benefits of our IDV packed into one easy-to-use app

Verify identities in 3 simple steps

pos checker app
pos identity verification app
identity verification

Document capturing & liveness

Advanced technology for capturing documents and enhanced liveness detection.


Start using the app immediately. No setup or customization is required.


Brand and customize the app to match your business.

Global ID recognition

Verify identification documents from around the world.

Impersonalized audit trail

Maintain a secure and detailed 24-hour audit trail of verification activities to minimize liability risk.

Auto identification

Automatically detect and identify all ID types and origins.
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What is a Point of Sale Identity?

A Point of Sale Identity is the unique identifying information representing an individual during a transaction. At AU10TIX, we prioritize securing transactions with advanced technology, ensuring identities are accurately verified at the point of sale to enhance customer experience and security.

What is Point of Sale Verification?

Point of Sale Verification is the process of authenticating a customer's identity during a transaction. Using state-of-the-art technology, AU10TIX offers fast and reliable verification solutions, enhancing security and streamlining the transaction process for a better customer experience.

What are POS Skills?

POS skills encompass both the technical and soft skills required to effectively use and manage a point of sale system. AU10TIX's user-friendly solutions are designed to empower teams with the right tools for efficient operation and superior customer service, improving overall transaction efficiency.

What are the main benefits of POS Verification?

The main benefits of POS Verification include increased security, fraud prevention, enhanced customer satisfaction, and compliance with regulatory standards. AU10TIX's cutting-edge verification solutions offer businesses a way to protect against fraud while ensuring a smooth transaction process for customers.

Why Choose AU10TIX For POS Verification?

Choosing AU10TIX for POS Verification means leveraging the latest in digital identity verification technology for unparalleled security and customer experience. Our solutions are fast, accurate, and compliant with global standards, supported by a team dedicated to your business's success, making AU10TIX the smart choice for businesses looking to enhance their POS verification process.

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AU10TIX mentioned for age verification services in the Gartner® report Emerging Tech: Security - Age Verification and Consent Tracking

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