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Increase your revenue by almost doubling your pass rate with our automated age and identity verification workflow.

Enhance profitability and genuine engagement with our built-in global regulatory toolkit.

International lawmakers mean business. Is your platform ready to comply with regulations like the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) or the Age Appropriate Design Code (AADC)? AU10TIX ensures your KYC is fluent with legal requirements anywhere in the world.


more conversions


automated compliance


Lower operational costs

<24 hrs

Faster new market deployment

AU10TIX enables 888 to deploy a fully automated customer journey while keeping our platform safe from fraudulent or underage activity.
Ofir Asbet, Director of Funnel & Customer Safety Products
888 Holdings

Fully automated gaming ID verification with secure KYC

AU10TIX has the only gaming identity verification solution that delivers zero human intervention player conversion.

Smart document capture

Instantly verify and authenticate new customers with picture-perfect touchless document capture.


Prevent fraud with seamless liveness detection checks.


Use facial recognition to enhance and quicken verification.

Biometrics verification

Verify clients using hard-to-beat biometric data.


Confirm client address using trusted databases.

Voice & video consent

Strengthen verification with voice and video consent.

Future proof and scalable identity verification for online gaming

Gartner states, “By 2027, 90% of online vendors providing age-restricted products and offerings will have implemented age verification and consent tracking to comply with new online data privacy and security regulations.”

*Gartner, Emerging Tech: Security – Age Verification and Consent Tracking Guide, Sean O’Neill, 8 March 2024.

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Gaming Identity Verification FAQs

Why is automated age verification important?

Age Verification is crucial for businesses to comply with the latest age verification laws in the UK and US, designed to protect minors from accessing age-restricted content. By automating the verification process, businesses can alleviate the complexity and burden of meeting these regulatory requirements, lower the risk of litigation, and enhance their brand’s reputation by promoting safer digital spaces.

How does age AU10TIX’s solution meet UK and USA regulatory requirements?

Our solution is designed to comply with both UK (KOSA) and USA (SCOPE) regulatory requirements by performing accurate and instant checks against government databases. This ensures that only eligible individuals can access age-restricted content, keeping underaged users safe and businesses compliant with the law.

Can KYC with automated age and identity verification create safer digital spaces for all ages?

Yes, KYC with age and identity verification helps create safer online environments by accurately verifying users’ age in real-time and ensuring only those of appropriate age can access certain digital content. This protection extends across various sectors, including gaming, social media, and e-commerce, to foster a secure digital ecosystem for users of all ages.

How does age verification enhance a brand’s reputation?

By implementing strict age verification measures, businesses demonstrate their commitment to protecting minors and ensuring a responsible online environment. This proactive approach to compliance and safety can significantly enhance a brand’s reputation, signaling trustworthiness and responsibility to consumers.

Why is identity verification crucial for gaming operators?

Several methods are used to complete identity verification in the gaming industry. The most effective methods include a multi-layered approach that uses hard-to-beat biometric identification, like selfies and liveness checks.

How does identity verification benefit gaming operators?

Identity verification helps gaming operators comply with current regulations in different regions (US, UK, etc.), ensuring a fraud-free and secure gaming environment. It is a critical component of maintaining integrity and trust in the gaming and betting industries.

What role does identity verification play in online sports betting?

In online sports betting, identity verification focuses on compliance and delivering a positive customer experience. Sportsbooks prioritize user-friendly identity verification methods to prevent fraud and ensure that all transactions are legitimate.

How can identity verification enhance the gaming experience?

Identity verification solutions, like AU10TIX’s ID verification, automate key verification requirements, such as confirming user age, personally identifiable information, and more. This secures the gaming experience, increases player conversion rates, and promotes a safer gaming environment.

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