Address Verification - Proof of Address

Authenticate and validate non-ID documents and associated data

Add an additional layer of authentication to your customer verification

Engage customers worldwide with full-fledged support for a variety of identity documents. Boost conversions, guarantee precision, and get instant verification. Manage workflows and view results on a single dashboard.

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud and account takeover by verifying customer information during account registration and address validation.

Regulatory compliance

Maintain compliance and trust in your document verification process.

Fully automated

Save time and minimize errors with automated data extraction and standardized document capture templates.

Validate addresses from over 240+ countries and territories

Address verification

Validate addresses against trusted sources to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Forgery detection

Advanced AI algorithms detect document forgery attempts, enhancing verification accuracy.

Data extraction

Extract relevant address data from documents, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy.

Document capture

Utilize pre-made templates for document capture, ensuring consistent and standardized data extraction.

Global coverage

Access address data from various regions and countries, enabling verification for a wide customer base.

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