document verification service

Is this really you?

Document verification service

AU10TIX offers document verification services that ensure the credentials presented by an applicant really belong to them. 

Transform customer onboarding into an effortless, enjoyable first step in their journey. Outsmart fraud, minimize abandonment, and unleash revenue potential.

Trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide

Highest Standard of verification

Meet KYC and AML compliance

Detect Synthetic IDs and Deepfakes
Our first-of-its-kind, award-winning tech can spot perfect forgeries and synthetic IDs
Security is in our DNA
Our fully automated, language-agnostic technology is based on homegrown IP and comes with built-in regulatory compliance.
insures agreements
Faster Customer Onboarding
We deliver fast, smooth, and accurate onboarding without compromising scalability or forensic precision.
Multilingual Document Support
Our global platform can process and support any document type in any language.

Extra-layer Fraud Mitigation

Meet or Beat KYC/AML Compliance

KYC should be automatic from end to end. AU10TIX is the only identity verification solution that delivers zero human intervention KYC and AML solutions that are fast without compromising compliance.


Our tech stack is future-proof

AU10TIX is leading the future of authentication. The synergy between deep learning-based image processing, cutting-edge biometric technology, and data provides an autonomous solution that increases risk teams’ confidence in their ability to outsmart fraud and shift their focus to business growth.

Document verification on a global scale

insures agreements
Insurance agreements
driver's license
Driver's license
employment documents
Employment document
ID's and more

Our document verification software is built to optimize user experience

Simple optimization of process flows and logic to enable fast, accurate onboarding (> 90sec).

Best practice Business Intelligence services to monitor and adapt, enabling quick response.

Industry Accolades