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AU10TIX offers comprehensive age and identity verification solutions to prioritize digital safety


Age verification safeguards minors from unauthorized access, cyberbullying, and contact with online predators.

Compliance with Laws

Aligns with regulatory frameworks, surpassing basic legal requirements to ensure a safer online environment.

Beyond Simple Checks

The era of the mere checkbox for age confirmation is over; recent laws and litigation risks demand more sophisticated methods.

KYC process

KYC and Age Verification

Essential for a safer digital space, these processes go beyond regulatory needs to protect users of all ages.

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As digital community members, platforms and businesses must work together to secure our online spaces.

Three step verification process

Our age verification technology employs advanced algorithms and real-time scanning to accurately determine customer age by analyzing government-issued IDs. This process ensures quick compliance with local and international laws, making it ideal for businesses that operate both online and in physical locations.

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Regulatory compliance made easy

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our customizable verification rules adapted to your specific industry needs. Our solutions help you comply with COPPA, GDPR, and other pertinent regulations, reducing the risk of fines and enhancing your brand’s commitment to safety.


Gartner states, “By 2027, 90% of online vendors providing age-restricted products and offerings will have implemented age verification and consent tracking to comply with new online data privacy and security regulations.”

*Gartner, Emerging Tech: Security – Age Verification and Consent Tracking Guide, Sean O’Neill, 8 March 2024.

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Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about age verification and Know Your Customer (KYC):

What is age verification?

Age verification is a process that ensures individuals accessing certain services or purchasing specific products meet the required minimum age. It involves verifying personal identification documents to confirm the customer’s age in order to comply with legal age restrictions.

How does age verification work in our KYC platform?

Our age verification system uses a combination of real-time document scanning and advanced algorithms to extract and verify age data from government-issued IDs. This process is quick, ensuring compliance without disrupting the customer experience.

What industries need age verification?

Age verification is essential in various industries, including:
• Retail: For sales of alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted products.
• Online gaming and casinos: To prevent underage gambling.
• Pharmaceuticals: For purchasing age-restricted medications.
• Entertainment: Age verification for entry to age-restricted movies and events.

How does our age verification API integrate with existing systems?

Our API is designed for easy integration with existing online and in-store systems, providing seamless service across all platforms. It ensures minimal disruption to existing workflows while adding robust age and identity verification functionality.

What are the benefits of using our KYC solutions?

Using our Age Verification solutions offers multiple benefits, including:
• Compliance with regulations: Ensures your business meets all legal requirements for age restrictions.
• Enhanced customer trust: Builds trust by responsibly controlling access to age-sensitive products and content.
• Risk reduction: Minimizes the risk of fines and legal issues associated with non-compliance.
• Operational efficiency: Streamlines the ID verification process, enhancing overall operational productivity.

Can our age verification handle global ID documents?

Yes, our system is equipped to recognize and verify identification documents from around the world, making it ideal for businesses operating internationally or in diverse markets.

How do we ensure privacy and data security?

We prioritize privacy and data security by adhering to global data protection regulations like GDPR and using encryption and secure data processing practices to protect customer information.

What sets our age verification apart from competitors?

Our Age Verification stands out due to its accuracy, speed, ease of integration, and comprehensive global coverage. Plus, our technology continually evolves to meet the latest security challenges and regulatory requirements.

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