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Minors are signing up for products and services that are age sensitive. Is your business at risk due to minors trying to access your goods? AU10TIX offers a standalone age verification solution that easily integrates with your existing KYC platform.

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Online gaming websites work under stringent regulation and are required to keep minors away.
Preventing minors from gaining access to adult dating websites is becoming a requirement around the world.
Many jurisdictions place a high priority in ensuring that minors do not have access to tobacco products.
Online stores selling alcohol need to verify shoppers' ages. The legal drinking age varies from 18-21 in most countries.
Where cannabis is legal, the legal age to purchase or consume cannabis products is 18 years old.

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Age Verification in 4 Easy Steps

  • 01

    Verify Your Age Request

    In step 1, the user receives a request to verify that they are at least 18 year old. They click on "Verify Age" and a web browser launches a page that states, "Please take a photo of your ID."

  • 02

    Take a Photo of Your ID

    The user takes a photo of their ID and submits it from their phone or computer. Advanced image processing is capable of handling even low-quality images as easily as high resolution.

  • 03

    Take a Selfie of Yourself

    The user takes a selfie and submits it for comparison and verification.

  • 04

    Age is Verified

    AU10TIX verifies that the date of birth on the submitted ID exceeds the minimum age of 18 (or 21 - whatever the required age may be). This occurs in 4 to 8 seconds or less.

  • 05

    User Journey Continues

    In a case of an affirmative age verification, the user can continue to purchase or access your product or services. Otherwise, they will be denied access according to policies.

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What Makes Our Age Verification Different

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Fastest Age Verification on the Market
AU10TIX Age Verification is 100% automated and instantly scalable with zero human intervention. Successfully handle any spikes in web traffic without compromising on accurate detection.
Best-in-Class Customer Experience
Average age verification time response between 4 to 8 seconds - unparalleled results in terms of accuracy and speed - the two key components in a great customer experience
Global Reach and Support
Supports languages in 190 countries worldwide, including English, Latin languages, Japanese, etc. Our automated technology enrolls new types of documents on a regular basis.
Easy to Integrate and Customize
Choose the integration that is best for you: API, Mobile SDK, Web SDK or a hosted application. We will work with you to implement AU10TIX solution on your existing KYC platform.

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