Business Verification

All in one KYC and KYB solution

AU10TIX offers one-stop verification to meet all KYB and KYC needs through a single API call. Our automated KYB solution covers everything from basic business validation to enhanced due diligence for corporates, including KYC for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and associated entities.

All in one KYB

Including KYC for UBOs

Profiling and continuous monitoring

Ongoing compliance and risk management

Document verification

Ensure legitimacy

Fast, accurate, and automated

98% accuracy rate

Build a secure and trustworthy B2B ecosystem

Advanced document verification

Sophisticated AI-powered verifies the legitimacy of businesses.

Global coverage

Link to 200+ global jurisdictions and access government databases, ensuring thorough checks.

Comprehensive scoring mechanism

Advanced comparison logic, offering detailed scoring alongside check results, empowering informed decision-making and refining risk measurements with precision.

One centralized hub

Simplify KYB and KYC processes via the AU10TIX data hub, integrating multiple sources for streamlined compliance across markets through one endpoint.

Management dashboard

View and manage case summaries on a dedicated Console management dashboard.

Fully automated

End-to-end automation of all KYB and KYC processes for increased accuracy.

Choose your ideal KYB solution

Business profiling with a complete record check, covering essential details for a quick and efficient verification process.

  • Verify business name
  • Country verification
  • Business ID confirmation
  • Registration date check
  • Official status validation
  • Address verification

Streamline your sole trader verification, validating the business and owner in one API call.

  • All business validation benefits
  • Automated KYB and KYC
  • Ultimate beneficial owners risk evaluation

All the benefits and features of the business validation, plus:

  • Continuous monitoring
    Real-time ongoing surveillance, across all entities.
  • AML screening
    Robust screening versus PEP and Sanction lists
  • Proof of business (POB)
    AI-based document validation and registry comparison, with enhanced forgery checks
  • UBO verification
    In-depth risk assessment of all related entities, linked to the organization.


What is Know Your Business (KYB), and why is it important?

KYB, also used interchangeably with the term business verification, is the process of confirming and validating the identity of a business and its beneficial owners to mitigate risks of fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities.

How does AU10TIX simplify the KYB process?

We streamline KYB through a single API call, covering everything from basic business validation to enhanced due diligence.

What are the benefits of using AU10TIX for business verification?

Our end-to-end automation enhances accuracy and efficiency in all business verification processes. With advanced document verification powered by AI, businesses can authenticate documents with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring legitimacy and reducing the risk of fraud.

What types of businesses can use AU10TIX for KYB verification?

AU10TIX offers full business profiling, single trader verification, and enhanced due diligence for enterprises, including KYC for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and associated entities. This caters to a variety of business needs.

How does AU10TIX ensure ongoing compliance and risk management?

Our business verification provides both one-time profiling and continuous monitoring, enabling businesses to maintain ongoing compliance and effective risk management strategies.

What document coverage does AU10TIX offer for business verification?

AU10TIX has global coverage across 200 registries, allowing for real-time checks against government databases worldwide and ensuring comprehensive verification.

Can AU10TIX help with decision-making during the KYB process?

Yes, AU10TIX provides a detailed scoring mechanism alongside check results, empowering informed decision-making and enabling businesses to take appropriate actions based on the insights provided.

How does AU10TIX manage all business verification processes efficiently?

AU10TIX offers the AU10TIX hub, which serves as a centralized platform for managing all processes and workflows efficiently, further streamlining the business verification process.

Does AU10TIX offer advanced features for document verification?

Yes, AU10TIX provides an Advanced Proof of Business (POB) feature for unparalleled accuracy, including thorough forgery checks to ensure the legitimacy of documents.

How accurate and fast are AU10TIX’s business verification processes?

AU10TIX boasts a remarkable 98% accuracy rate and delivers results in seconds, ensuring businesses can conduct KYB verification quickly and confidently.

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