Business Verification

All in one KYC and KYB solution

Onboard businesses and owners in one automated workflow

AU10TIX offers one-stop verification to meet all KYB and KYC needs through a single API call. Our automated KYB solution covers everything from basic business validation to enhanced due diligence for corporates, including KYC for Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and associated entities.

All in one KYB

Including KYC for UBOs

Profiling and continuous monitoring

Ongoing compliance and risk management

Document verification

Ensure legitimacy

Fast, accurate, and automated

98% accuracy rate

Build a secure and trustworthy B2B ecosystem

Advanced document verification
Sophisticated AI-powered verifies the legitimacy of businesses.
Global coverage
Link to 200+ global jurisdictions and access government databases, ensuring thorough checks.
Comprehensive scoring mechanism
Advanced comparison logic, offering detailed scoring alongside check results, empowering informed decision-making and refining risk measurements with precision.
One centralized hub
Simplify KYB and KYC processes via the AU10TIX data hub, integrating multiple sources for streamlined compliance across markets through one endpoint.
Management dashboard
View and manage case summaries on a dedicated Console management dashboard.
Fully automated
End-to-end automation of all KYB and KYC processes for increased accuracy.

Choose your ideal KYB solution

Business profiling with a complete record check, covering essential details for a quick and efficient verification process.

  • Verify business name
  • Country verification
  • Business ID confirmation
  • Registration date check
  • Official status validation
  • Address verification

Streamline your sole trader verification, validating the business and owner in one API call.

  • All business validation benefits
  • Automated KYB and KYC
  • Ultimate beneficial owners risk evaluation
sole trader veriification

All the benefits and features of the business validation, plus:

  • Continuous monitoring
    Real-time ongoing surveillance, across all entities.
  • AML screening
    Robust screening versus PEP and Sanction lists
  • Proof of business (POB)
    AI-based document validation and registry comparison, with enhanced forgery checks
  • UBO verification
    In-depth risk assessment of all related entities, linked to the organization.

Forge reliable business connections via a streamlined experience

company information

Collecting company

Effortlessly gather essential company information through our automated process

Advanced Document Verification

Business verification

Simplify onboarding and streamline business partner verification

Company assessment

Receive automated risk evaluations to make informed business decisions

structure icon

Company structure

Gain instant insights into a company's ownership and legal framework

KYC process

KYC and UBOs

Verify customer identities and Ultimate Beneficial Owners quickly and efficiently


What is AU10TIX's approach to business verification?

AU10TIX utilizes advanced technology to automate and streamline KYB (Know Your Business) and KYC (Know Your Customer) processes through a single API, ensuring a secure and efficient verification experience.

What are the benefits of using AU10TIX for business verification?

Our end-to-end automation enhances accuracy and efficiency in all business verification processes. With advanced document verification powered by AI, businesses can authenticate documents with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring legitimacy and reducing the risk of fraud.

What is UBO verification, and why is it important?

UBO verification stands for Ultimate Beneficial Ownership verification. It is a process used to identify and verify the individuals who ultimately own or control a company or entity. UBO verification helps financial institutions, regulators, and other organizations comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations by ensuring transparency about who is behind a business. It also promotes trust and integrity in the financial system by making it more difficult for criminals to hide their activities behind complex corporate structures.

What is Proof of Business (POB), and why is it important?

information that verifies a business entity's existence, legitimacy, and operational status. This can include documents such as business licenses, registration certificates, tax identification numbers, and other official records.


Proof of Business is important because it helps financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and other organizations ensure that they are engaging with legitimate and legally compliant businesses. By confirming the authenticity of the business entity, it aids in preventing fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes.

What document coverage does AU10TIX offer?

AU10TIX has global coverage across 200 registries, allowing for real-time checks against government databases worldwide and ensuring comprehensive verification.

How does AU10TIX achieve a high accuracy rate?

By employing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, AU10TIX can accurately verify documents and identities with a 98% success rate, reducing the risk of fraud.

Can AU10TIX's solutions be integrated into existing systems?

Yes, AU10TIX offers a flexible API that can be easily integrated into existing platforms to enhance business verification processes without the need for significant system overhauls.

What kind of document support does AU10TIX offer?

AU10TIX provides comprehensive global coverage, supporting a wide range of documents and verification needs across different countries and jurisdictions.

How does AU10TIX manage all business verification processes efficiently?

AU10TIX offers the AU10TIX hub, a centralized platform for efficiently managing all processes and workflows, further streamlining the business verification process.

How accurate and fast are AU10TIX’s verification processes?

AU10TIX boasts a remarkable 98% accuracy rate and delivers results in seconds, ensuring businesses can conduct KYB verification quickly and confidently.

How does AU10TIX handle data privacy and compliance?

Prioritizing data security and privacy, AU10TIX adheres to strict compliance standards, ensuring that client and customer information is handled securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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