Workflow Orchestrator

Customize and scale verifications on demand

Simplify and optimize your processes with advanced orchestration tools

Workflow Orchestrator is our new scalable workflow management platform that helps you design all of your KYC workflows in a single platform.

Unified API integration

Manage diverse verification needs through a single API.

Customizable workflows

Tailor workflows to fit the specific needs of your business.


Handle varying verification volumes while maintaining consistent accuracy.

A built-to-suit powerhouse leveraging our KYC domain experience


Advanced algorithms to streamline identity verification processes.

Rule-based logic

Implement rule-based conditions and create optimal flows for accurate decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Integration capabilities

Integrate with various data sources and APIs for comprehensive data retrieval.

Real-time monitoring

Continuously track the verification progress in real-time and receive instant status updates.

Mitigate anomalies

Identify and rectify verification discrepancies for higher accurate processes.

Built-in compliance

Built-in compliance mechanisms to ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards.
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