Compliance Suite

Build a secure and trustworthy ecosystem

One API endpoint from a single vendor to all your compliance needs

AU10TIX’s Compliance Suite consolidates KYC, KYB, AML compliance, and PII authentication. It offers precise customer identification, thoroughly validates collaborators, and provides deep insights into partnerships. Connection to our Compliance Suite ensures access to AML databases, PEP & sanctions lists, and offers real-time risk assessment.

Precise and reliable results

Ensure accuracy in every verification process.

Informed risk management

Make well-informed decisions to protect your business.

Seamless workflow customization

Easily create tailored workflows using a single API.

Connect to the only automated, built-in compliance solution

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Biometric facial recognition

Ensure the Ultimate Beneficial Owner’s (UBO) identity matches the documents provided, minimizing the risk of identity fraud.

ID verification

verify the identities of your business partners and suppliers with robust ID verification processes, ensuring the authenticity of their business operations.

Real-time processing

instant verification and onboarding, providing a seamless experience for your business and your partners.

Advanced document verification

quickly and accurately extract data from various business documents to verify the legitimacy of businesses using sophisticated AI-powered technology.

Know Your Business (KYB)

Business Verification

Thorough verification of business details, ownership, and activities.

Beneficial Ownership Analysis

Identification and verification of beneficial owners.

Enhanced Due Diligence

In-depth evaluation of business entities beyond surface-level information.

Collaborator Insights

Gaining insights into potential collaborators’ ventures and activities.

Expanded checks

The ability to run manual searches, including business-related entities in addition to UBO, like Power of Attorney, Asset Management, and more.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Watchlist screening

Validate crucial business information against watchlists to identify potential links to sanctioned individuals or entities.

PII verification

go beyond standard identification checks to include robust PII verification and protect your business and clients against data breaches and privacy violations.

Subject matter expertise

Our analysts monitor areas based on their subject matter expertise, supplemented with local language capabilities. Many have worked with state and federal governments.

Targeted screening

Data contains hundreds of specific keywords and over 60 risk topics that help you filter and drill down for more focused screening and reduce false positives.

Transaction monitoring

Continuous monitoring of transactions for unusual activities.

Suspicious activity detection

Detection of suspicious patterns and activities that may indicate money laundering.

Personal data security

Safeguard sensitive customer information with advanced PII protection and compliance.
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