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Identity verification for eCommerce fraud prevention

Automated, seamless identity verification that ensures KYC, KYB, and AML compliance without compromising user experience.

AU10TIX works for eCommerce

Integrating AU10TIX’s solutions enhances marketplace safety and user experience. By catching bad actors early, we reduce security-related customer service calls. Our multi-layered fraud detection, including the IDV Suite, Serial Fraud Monitor, and “Liveness” feature, has cut fake accounts by 5%, achieved a 90% conversion success rate, and decreased usability-related inquiries by over 10%.


more conversions

Onboard customers faster.


fraud detection precision

Spot and thwart fraud.


decrease in UX-related inquiries

Streamline your operation.

<24 hrs

Faster new market deployment

Reach and convert more customers quicker.

Fiverr found AUTOTIX’s support impeccable. Their regular communication about technical changes, deployments, and any potential downtime ensured a seamless partnership. Working closely with the Customer Success Managers and their proactive availability, even in the same country, made the experience smoother.
Liat Shefer Cohen, Director Of Trust And Safety

Secure your platform with advanced identity verification

E-commerce platforms face the challenge of balancing strict KYC procedures during user onboarding with maintaining a good user experience. Our solutions provide the extra security layer needed to bolster your risk management strategies.

Customer identity verification
Customer identity verification
Easily confirm customer identities for every transaction, reducing the risk of fraud.
Business verification
Business verification
Thoroughly validate business partners and vendors to ensure secure collaborations.
Global coverage
Global coverage
Support documents from different countries to cater to a diverse customer base.
Fully automated
Fully automated
Advanced document verification
Advanced document verification
Detect forged or counterfeit documents instantly using innovative AI technology.
PII verification and data discrepancy
PII verification and data discrepancy
Ensure the integrity of customer data against official government databases.
Centralized hub
Centralized hub
Manage all verification processes in one platform; create workflows and rules for streamlined operations.
Easy compliance
Easy compliance
Built-in regulation toolbox for every transaction.

AU10TIX is trusted by the world’s leading brands every day

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eCommerce Identity Verification FAQs

How does AU10TIX enhance marketplace safety for eCommerce platforms?

Integrating AU10TIX’s solutions enhances marketplace safety by catching bad actors early, reducing fake accounts by 5%, and decreasing security-related customer service calls. Our multi-layered fraud detection, including the IDV Suite, Serial Fraud Monitor, and “Liveness” feature, ensures a secure environment for your users.

What impact does AU10TIX have on user experience?

AU10TIX improves user experience by providing seamless identity verification, resulting in a 90% conversion success rate and over a 10% decrease in usability-related customer service inquiries. This helps maintain a smooth and secure user onboarding process.

What specific features does AU10TIX offer to prevent fraud?

AU10TIX offers a comprehensive suite of features to prevent fraud, including the IDV Suite for identity verification, Serial Fraud Monitor for real-time traffic analysis, and the “Liveness” feature to ensure users are physically present during verification. These tools work together to detect and block fraudulent activities.

How does AU10TIX support compliance with regulations?

AU10TIX ensures compliance with global regulations, such as the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), by integrating KYC, KYB, and AML procedures into the verification process. This helps eCommerce platforms stay compliant and mitigate emerging risks.

What is the AU10TIX support experience like?

AU10TIX provides impeccable support with regular communication about technical changes, deployments, and potential downtime. Our proactive Customer Success Managers ensure a seamless partnership, making the integration and operation of our solutions smooth and efficient.

Why should eCommerce platforms choose AU10TIX for identity verification?

ECommerce platforms should choose AU10TIX for its proven ability to enhance safety, improve user experience, and ensure compliance. Our advanced fraud detection and seamless verification processes help create a secure and trustworthy environment for both businesses and users.

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