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Seamless identity verification for automotive fraud prevention

Fraud schemes and vehicle theft targeting auto lenders and car dealers have exposed these businesses to $8.1 billion in potential fraud losses. To minimize this risk, every business should adopt ‘Know Your Driver’ practices to protect against the financial impact of automotive fraud.

Reduce fraud costs

Prevent car rental fraud and theft

Enhance accuracy

Avoid incorrect verifications with a robust IDV engine

Streamline operations

Full automation of all verification processes

Simplify compliance

Built-in regulation toolbox for every deal

Reduce car theft and fraud losses with fast and compliant KYC verification

Secure test drives

Prevent unauthorized use and theft during test drives by verifying all drivers’ identities.

Driver identity verification

Easily confirm customer identity for every dealership transaction.

Ownership and registration validation

Quickly verify ownership and registration of trade-in vehicles.

Online auto rental and financing

Streamline online financing with secure transactions

Bank account identity verification

Instantly verify customer bank account information

Credit score identity verification

Establish customer credit status in seconds

Secure your fleet and business operations with robust customer ID verification


Support documents from different countries to cater to a diverse customer base


Achieve double the automation rate with fully automated document capture.

Advanced Document Verification

Advanced Document Verification

Detect forged or counterfeit documents instantly using innovative AI technology

Advanced Fraud Detection

Maximize security by leveraging with over 160 forensic and digital checks

company information

PII Verification and Data Discrepancy

Ensure the integrity of customer data against official government databases


Manage all verification processes in one platform; create workflows and rules for streamlined operations

Trusted by some of the largest brands in the industry

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Commonly asked automotive fraud questions

What is automotive fraud?

Automotive fraud refers to deceptive practices that can occur at various stages of the car buying and ownership process. This includes fraud during vehicle purchasing, such as falsifying identity documents (IDs, driver’s licenses), forging ownership and registration papers, and manipulating loan applications or credit scores. It can also occur during test drives or rentals, where identities might be misrepresented to steal vehicles or commit other illegal activities.

How does auto dealer fraud take place?

Auto dealer fraud takes place when individuals falsify personal information, such as ID documentation, employment records, address, banking, and credit score information.

How does AU10TIX help automotive dealerships prevent fraud?

AU10TIX’s dealership automotive fraud solution helps dealerships prevent identity-related fraud by securely onboarding customers, vetting drivers, verifying loan applicant information thereby reducing the incidence of fraud and ensuring compliance and customer trust.

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