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Webinar: How Cutting-Edge Identity Verification is Transforming Financial Services

Banks and other financial institutions have been addressing identity management for decades, primarily for reasons of risk, compliance and reducing fraud.

Now, with e-wallets, cryptocurrency, payment platforms, and other fintech disruptors, that baseline motivation remains while a higher calling for safety and convenience has emerged. Our identities are the key to this equation, securing and personalizing how we lend, move, and access money.

This webinar covers:

  • The latest developments in the convergence of identity and payments.
  • How financial institutions are using machine learning and AI to transform identity verification for a variety of business goals, from fraud prevention to customer engagement.
  • Why involving both public and private financial sector leaders in the public policy and regulatory conversations defining identity verification and management is critical for an inclusive future.

This exclusive event is designed for risk, compliance, tech, and innovation decision-makers in all areas of the financial services sector — fintech, payments, lending, wealth management, banking, and more.

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