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ONE ZERO Digital Bank Chooses AU10TIX to Power its Customer Verification System and KYC (Know Your Customer) Process

TEL AVIV, Israel and NEW YORK, New York (May 15, 2022) – ONE ZERO Digital Bank is proud to announce it has chosen AU10TIX to power its customer verification system and KYC (Know Your Customer) platform. The Bank of Israel, Israel’s central bank, gave ONE ZERO Digital Bank its stamp of approval to use AU10TIX’s technology.

“The relationship between bank and customer is based on trust and security. ONE ZERO is under the same regulation as any bank in Israel, and we invest enormous resources in cyber security and privacy. Thanks to AU10TIX, ONE ZERO can ensure our customers a secure means of identity verification with zero human intervention.” 
Amichai Levy
ONE ZERO Digital Bank CTO

AU10TIX’s technology allows ONE ZERO Digital Bank to perform identity verification to new customers as part of the onboarding process as well as every activity that requires re-verification, such as making changes to a bank account, resetting a password and any banking activity that requires identity verification.

The AU10TIX solution verifies a new customer’s identity by performing a biometric comparison of a submitted identification to a selfie. 

In addition to verifying and re-verifying IDs, the AU10TIX technology is capable of identifying advanced identity fraud, known as synthetic fraud, which is nearly impossible for the human eye to detect. AU10TIX’s identity intelligence platform has been successfully implemented with many of the world’s largest companies, including PayPal, Google, Uber, Bird, Payoneer, eToro, and Fiverr. In addition, Nordea, Santander, Saxo Bank and many other leading banks are already working with AU10TIX technology. 

“The combination of 100% automated, forensic detection and global coverage enable our customers to continue scalable growth, improve their KYC (know your customer) capabilities with industry-leading fraud detection capabilities while saving on costs.” 
Ron Atzmon
AU10TIX Founder and Co-Chairman

Identity intelligence and verification solutions are in ever-increasing demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated the move to remote work and business around the world. As the financial sector and payments moved to the digital world, the need to detect and overcome identity fraud became a top priority for many companies.  

ONE ZERO, the first digital bank, is owned by Professor Amnon Shashua, a founder and CEO of Mobileye. Throughout his career, Professor Shashua has played a key role in artificial intelligence breakthroughs and is currently working towards introducing autonomous vehicles to Israel.  

Carey O’Connor Kolaja, CEO, AU10TIX

About AU10TIX 

AU10TIX, an identity management company headquartered in Israel, is on a mission to obliterate fraud and further a more secure and inclusive world. The company provides critical, modular solutions to verify and link physical and digital identities so businesses and their customers can confidently connect. Over the past decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred partner of major global brands for customer onboarding and customer verification automation— and continues to work on the edge of what’s next for identity’s role in society. AU10TIX’s proprietary technology provides results in less than 8 seconds, enabling businesses to onboard customers faster while preventing fraud, meeting compliance mandates and, importantly, promoting trust and safety. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (OTCQB: ICTSF). 


ONE ZERO Digital Bank is the first internet bank in Israel. ONE ZERO is the first newly licensed bank in Israel in 43 years. ONE ZERO is fully owned by Fin-Digit Incorporated, which is owned by Professor Amnon Shashua. The bank offers the same services as do other banks in Israel. As part of ONE ZERO’s launch, individuals and households in Israel may enroll as new customers. ONE ZERO has no physical branches – all banking activity is online.