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AU10TIX is Finalist at the 2017 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards

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AU10TIX has been announced finalist for the Benzinga Global Fintech award “Best RegTech Platform” category. AU10TIX has already been nominated to 3 awards in the first 3 months of 2017 for its standard setting 2nd generation Secure Customer Onboarding platform which automates KYC and onboarding initiation.

The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards seek out and celebrate the most innovative companies that are changing the way ordinary people and professionals interact with finance. AU10TIX has been nominated for the Regtech category thanks to its standard-setting BOS platform. AU10TIX BOS enables 100% automated KYC initiation with a simple submission of an ID photo augmented by biometric Selfie-to-ID face comparison. AU10TIX technology in fact exceeds current regulatory requirements by offering forensic level forgery, counterfeiting and risk factor detection made possible by latest machine-learning and deep learning technology. AU10TIX BOS technology also introduced multi-lingual ID support which opens more markets to new regulated financial services. AU10TIX technology makes ID authentication and onboarding not just far safer but also seconds-fast and data-entry-free.

“Customer ID authentication and content retrieval is the gateway to onboarding and KYC”, says Ron Atzmon, Managing Director of AU10TIX: “What new here is the levels of performance, ability to work with a broad range of ID image qualities, ability to handle non-standard documents, multi-lingual support and rapid-response exception reporting. Now, as ID authentication and biometric face matching become standard, AU10TIX is pushing the boundaries with innovative machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms. What was deemed impossible only a short while ago is now becoming reality. Obviously, recognition by Benzinga is a reward in itself.”

“This is not an academic exercise we’re in. It is a battle of brains between sophisticated fraudsters and authentication experts”, says Ofer Friedman, VP Marketing of AU10TIX: “You don’t win this game by developing OCR content extraction and logical checks. We learn the ways fraudsters work to beat them at their own game. Much of what we can detect cannot be seen with a naked eye. This mindset has helped us stay ahead of the game and if fact introduce a whole new generation of technology. This technology is now recognized by Benzinga”

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About AU10TIX

AU10TIX Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of ICTS International N.V, deals with the authentication and digitization of identifying documents including Passports, identity cards, driving licenses and other complementary identifying documents. The company specializes in implementing hardware & software based applications used for scanning, identifying, content retrieval, authentication and validation of identifying documents. AU10TIX is a pioneer of all-channel (front-end and online) ID authentication and processing solutions. The company’s products drastically reduce identifying document-based fraud, reducing the costs associated with client processing and enabling effective regulatory compliance, while making the sales and support operations speedier and considerably more efficient.

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