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AU10TIX cited as winner in identity management space by investment boutique William Blair

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In a recent report True Identity Management: Transforming ID Verification with Biometrics and AI, William Blair recognized AU10TIX as a winner in the market with both the “most automated solutions” and “broadest platform of solutions” for identity management. 


Both aspects are critical for building resilient and inclusive technological infrastructures for businesses to provide safer services to customers worldwide because, according to the report, businesses must: 

  • Meet the growing expectation that completing a transaction should be fast, reliable, and secure 
  • Not rely on static knowledge-based affirmation to confirm a customer’s identity 
  • Know they are transacting business with the correct person, not fraudulent robots or cybercriminals
  • Inspire and protect trust with their customers

“It is our sense that Au10tix is the platform closest to building out
a ‘true identity management’ technological infrastructure.”

“True Identity Management: Transforming ID Verification
With Biometrics and AI” report, William Blair, 12.2020


William Blair’s report emphasizes that “a large challenge presented to online businesses is the ability to create fast and personalized experiences while also mitigating risk.”  This is a trend AU10TIX is seeing across its global customer base, from mobility to payments. The act of balancing experience, growth, risk, and safety is common across verticals while the solutions are unique. AU10TIX partners closely with leading global brands to tailor the right capabilities to meet compliance, consumer demand, and business preference—like our recent project for Uber and its cash-paying riders.

“…Overall, we believe the providers that are
closest to building true identity management platforms are vendors such as Au10tix….” 

“True Identity Management: Transforming ID Verification 
With Biometrics and AI” report, William Blair, 12.2020


William Blair predicts that “As digital transformation increasesconsumers will ultimately need a digital identity for their entire online lifecycle.” We at AU10TIX have also acknowledged this shift. In a blog addressing this issueour new CEO, Carey O’Connor Kolaja, advocates ur identities are invaluable keys that unlock who we are, what we are entitled to, and what we can access—and they shift, adapt and change as we move through life. No longer is a static, one time ID sufficientWe need a collaborative, trusted identity ecosystem that is highly personal and exceptionally protected. 



Today’s real-time, on-demand world leaves no room for friction. Businesses need to be able to serve their customers where, when, and how they prefer. Platform economy leaders like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook have defined this trend but not without challenges around data privacy and protections as user bases and frequency of interactions with PII have surged. To safely support this continuous growth and demand, William Blair argues “identity verification providers should seek to build broader platforms that can autonomously adjust workflows based on different use-cases and affirmation levels needed.”  


“we believe the vendor with the
broadest platform of identity management solutions is Au10tix…”!

“True Identity Management: Transforming ID Verification 
With Biometrics and AI” report, William Blair, 12.2020


We’re honored to have our mission to further a secure and inclusive world through game-changing identity intelligence solutions recognized by William Blair. Safety and accuracy at speed are critical for today’s economy, and this is why we focus every day on how to confidently link physical and digital identities in ways that are optimized for our ever-changing life experiences.  

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