AU10TIX’s Top Tier Partner Milestone with Microsoft

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AU10TIX’s recent achievement of reaching top-tier partner status with Microsoft marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in identity verification technology. Our longstanding alliance with Microsoft has not only bolstered our market presence but has now culminated in this significant milestone.

What sets our partnership apart is the mutual trust and admiration between AU10TIX and Microsoft. Beyond being a partner, Microsoft also acts as a customer, actively utilizing our Reusable ID product, as showcased in a recent webinar. This practical application highlights the trust placed in our technology.

This partnership has spotlighted our pioneering solutions, featuring our ID Document and Biometric Verification platform and the Reusable Digital ID product within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The adoption of our cutting-edge, fully automated technology by global corporations underscores the reliability and robustness of our solutions. Our ID Document and biometric Verification platform employs sophisticated technologies to detect fraud. At the same time, the Reusable Digital ID solution ensures tamper-proof, easily shared digital credentials, prioritizing both security and user experience.

Dan Yerushalmi, CEO of AU10TIX, remarked, “As a Top Tier Microsoft partner, we can provide even greater value to customers.”

Our collaborative sales strategy with Microsoft has rapidly increased the availability of our industry-leading IDV solutions on Azure. This partnership offers customers worldwide the chance to explore, test, and implement our innovative technology seamlessly.

Recognition as a top-tier Microsoft partner is a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional identity verification solutions. Our cloud-based solutions, designed to focus on data protection and user experience, are now easily accessible on the Azure Marketplace.

This accomplishment solidifies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of identity verification technology. As AU10TIX continues to set new standards, we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in the field.

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