AU10TIX Offers Strong Liveness Detection For Online And Mobile Face Matching

At AU10Tix, we continually seek to provide our customers with the most advanced technology available. Not only can our technology help ensure that companies remain compliant with local regulations, but it also helps to protect financial institutions from those looking to use their services for money laundering or other illicit activity.

One of the technologies that we are most proud of is our liveness detection. We offer our customers randomized, strong liveness detection for both online and mobile face matching. Implementing this technology during the onboarding process provides our customers with another opportunity to help protect their sensitive financial information. Below, we’ll offer a brief breakdown of what liveness detection is and why ours stands out.

What Is Liveness Detection?

Liveness detection relies on a video feed to verify identities. It’s easier for individuals to fake 2D photos than it is to fake a 3D face. That’s because a 3D face moves, while a 2D face does not. Our technology allows us to detect the differences using sophisticated algorithms. Our liveness detection then will enable us to determine when someone presents a recaptured version of an individual instead of a real person.

Our liveness detection technology also relies on challenge-response commands. For instance, when verifying an identity, you may instruct the individual on the other end of the video feed to do something like “blink three times rapidly” or “turn to the left.” This challenge-response feature is a bonus to help ensure that you’re chatting with an actual individual.

Why Liveness Detection Is Critical For Mobile Face Matching

Too often, when seeking our services, customers fail to understand how critical liveness detection is when implementing mobile security measures. Liveness detection streamlines the onboarding process, taking care of:

• Voice recognition

• Facial recognition

• Fingerprint recognition

When conducting these tests individually, they are not nearly as exclusive as when they’re done together. That’s where liveness detection becomes so critical. By performing the tests all at once, financial institutions can ensure that their security and verification methods are state-of-the-art. It also ensures that no physical verification is needed.

Many of our customers tried previously to use only one of the three subsets when verifying IDs via mobile. However, it’s possible for people to spoof mobile face scanners. It’s not possible for them to fool a live detection system, which accounts for 3D facial recognition as well as other verification methods. Liveness detection is the most advanced mobile recognition software available on the market today.

Can Liveness Detection Help Meet KYC Regulations?

Yes, liveness detection is one of the best methods available to help customers meet KYC regulations. KYC regulations are often set forth by a financial institution’s national government, although many companies also seek to implement these regulations on their own accord to help keep them safe.

Because liveness detection is the most state-of-the-art recognition software available, it is an excellent way for financial institutions to meet their KYC requirements. However, during the onboarding process, we’ll gain a better understanding of the KYC regulations that you’re subject to. We’ll tailor the system to meet your needs.

Do Members Of My Team Analyze The Data?

One of the other beautiful features of our liveness detection system is the fact that it is entirely automated. All you need to do is provide your customers with access to a link or portal into which they can upload their information – don’t worry, we’ll help set this up for you as well. Then, the individual’s who information you’re requesting will upload the info to the portal.

The portal will take them through a series of “live tasks,” absorbing and processing information the entire time. Then, after the individual completes the tasks, we handle everything else on our side using advanced AI automation technology. Our system runs the data through a series of complex algorithms.

There’s no need for you to pay anyone on your team to process the information. Our algorithms do everything for you so that you don’t have to. Our liveness detection provides our customers with a confidence-based ruling. As the leader in the liveness detection industry, our customers can trust that the results they receive are 100 percent accurate.

When our algorithms are finished crunching the numbers, customers will receive a detailed report of what we’ve discovered. We can identify if there is a risk of potential fraud activity. We also provide indirect potential risk indicators so that you can investigate further if need be.

If you’re looking to secure your financial institution, be sure to contact us today to learn more about our liveness detection services. We can work quickly to understand your needs for liveness detection, crafting a system that will meet all of your needs. No matter if you’re required to do so because of KYC regulations or merely want to keep your firm safe, AU10TIX is here to help.

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