The Q1 2024
Global Identity
Fraud Report


At AU10TIX, we prioritize our customers’ safety by implementing multiple robust layers of defense. Our comprehensive security measures include:

Consortium-Based Validation

We collaborate with over 60 companies, including global Tier 1 organizations, to track and match fraud at the traffic level, not just on a case-by-case basis.

Advanced Neural Networks

Leveraging unmatched AI capabilities developed over the past decade, our neural networks provide cutting-edge fraud detection.

Enhanced Forensic Testing

We conduct three times more forensic tests than any other market vendor, ensuring the highest level of security.

These measures collectively reinforce our commitment to providing our customers a secure and reliable experience.

What’s Inside:

Easy Targets

Discover which industries, documents, and modes fraudsters perceive as easy targets.

AI Strategies

Gain insights into predictions and strategies for staying ahead in the AI fraud detection game.

Regulatory Impact

Understand how regulations are shaping the landscape of fraud detection.

Don’t miss out on actionable insights.

Download the report now and equip yourself with the knowledge to combat fraud in the digital age.

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The Q1 2024 Global Identity Fraud Report