Digital Identity in Content

Sudan Sethuramalingam, Head of Scaled Operations, Twitter

Tuesday, May 26 at 11:30am Eastern Time

Sudan Sethuramalingam

Head of Scaled Operations, Twitter​

David birch

AU10TIX Advisory Board Member

David will host Sudan for a discussion around the role identity plays in digital content and the various roles platforms, publishers and people play in verifying information as it flows through the online ecosystem.

   – What are the prominent factors that allow us to trust an online author’s identity?

– Which publishing platforms are setting the standards for online content credibility and how are they doing so?

– Wherein lies the biggest threat to online content integrity and what can be done to defend against it?

We look forward to seeing you then!

Sudan Sethuramalingam

Head of Scaled Operations, Twitter​

Sudan currently leads a tech team at Twitter Inc. focusing on operational excellence and customer satisfaction through ML and automation. He has previously led Anti-Money Laundering Operations for Facebook Payments Inc. and Google Inc. Before that he worked as a data analyst and risk analyst for a biotech firm, Serono Inc., and HSBC Card Services respectively. He holds a M.S. in computer science degree from Northeastern University, Boston.