Document Verification

As technology continues to become more and more prominent in our lives, our ability to connect with one another becomes more and more possible. However, one of the areas where people have struggled to keep up was with verification processes. We seek to live our lives in “real time,” but we haven’t had solutions that make real-time verification possible.

Take, for example, a company who wishes to hire a remote worker. The company could easily conduct interviews and hire a person from anywhere in the world. But, when it comes time to onboard the new employee, the process hits a snag. Sure, the employee could scan or take a picture of their ID. But the employer would have no way of knowing that this document is authentic.

Now, today’s document identification is easier than ever. Employers can now verify new employees instantly, streamlining the on-boarding process and helping to keep them company safe.

Why Document Verification Is Essential

Document verification is crucial for a few reasons. First and foremost, it could be mandated by an employer’s national government. Many governments around the world have put either Know Your Customer or Anti-Money-Laundering initiatives in place. These initiatives are in place to help prevent the funneling of money for illegal or terrorist activities.

However, document verification is about more remaining compliant with federal laws. It’s also about keeping your company safe and ensuring that you engage in legitimate business transactions. Even if you’re not required to instill KYC measures, doing so helps to ensure that you’re only engaging in business with genuine individuals.

Today’s document verification solutions exceed regulatory requirements. You can rest assured that you’re receiving more than the bare minimum when investing in modern document verification technology. This is also reassuring because it means that your new system will last for years and that it will likely remain compliant years into the future.

Additionally, recent data breaches have demonstrated that knowledge-based authentication methods are quite outdated. Companies must be proactive in ensuring that the people with who they conduct business are legitimate.

Other Benefits of Document Verification

There are also some other benefits that today’s document verification solutions offer. One of the problems with outdated document verification methods was that they took too long. They often required an individual to review documents by hand. Or, employers would have to submit the documents to a third-party company who would then verify their authenticity. This process could take days, and perhaps even weeks.

However, modern document verification solutions occur almost instantly. There is no need for data entry or a back-office review. The cost of a modern document verificatrion solution pays for itself quickly when considering that employers no longer need to hire someone to review documents manually.

How Do Today’s Document Verification Solutions Work?

One of the reasons why today’s document verification solutions work so well is because of modern smartphones. Today’s smartphones come with dual lenses, which allow you to take pictures in “Portrait Mode.” However, that’s not all these cameras are useful for. They can also read holograms well, which makes them an excellent tool for document verification.

Today’s document verification solutions allow users to use a smartphone to scan a document. One scanned, deep-powered AI will scan the image to determine its authenticity. These cameras can identify even the slightest of manipulations. For instance, if someone replaced a photo on a document, the system would be able to identify the material as fraudulent.

Is Document Verification Necessary?

If you don’t need to meet regulatory requirements, many businesses wonder if document verification is necessary. At the end of the day, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your company. No matter if you’re a small business owner with merely a couple of employees or the CEO of a large corporation, adopting modern document verification techniques could be in your best interest.

Imagine a small business owner who unknowingly hires an employee who is in a country illegally. The owner doesn’t suspect anything when hiring the individual. A couple of months after hiring the person, the employee is arrested, and the small business owner is hit with hefty penalties. The penalties are severe enough that the small business owner ends up losing the business.

This all could have been avoided if the owner had invested in modern document verification measures. So, even if you don’t think that you need document verification, it could be a worthwhile investment for you to do so. Document verification is an excellent way to help protect your company. At AU10Tix, we’ll work with you to come up with a solution that best meets your needs. Our document verification solutions:

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