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Compliance costs, privacy concerns, data liability, fraud. Let’s face it, centralized identity management has been a lose-lose for people and organizations.

Now, a new open standard of verifiable credentials is shifting the thinking of who should hold and control the keys of personal data. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Cheaper, faster, more trustworthy remote onboarding experiences with Reusable Digital ID from AU10TIX

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Trust at first sight

Powered by Microsoft Entra and our future-proof proprietary technology, Reusable Digital ID by AU10TIX is built to issue and reuse a trusted digital identity that streamlines the verification process for both organizations and their end-users.

Easy integration
Scalable across systems, workflows, and use-cases
Immediate verification
Real-time processing reduces risk of identity theft or fraud
Unbreakable security
Protect data with tamper-proof cryptography
Privacy by design
Users choose what parts of their identity to reveal

Reusable Digital ID allows enterprises to simplify and speed up ongoing ID verification, reduce customer onboarding costs, automate workflows, and enhance the security of sensitive data. It also enables end users to store their information locally in a tamper-proof digital wallet and decide what to disclose to third parties.

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