Au10tix is Joining Forces With Microsoft

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is Now in Public Preview

Improve verifiability while protecting privacy for businesses, employees, contractors, vendors, and customers.

Use Cases for Entra Verified ID

The new capability brings AU10TIX’s four decades of identity verification automation to Microsoft Azure active directory, for managing identities, based on wide variety of attributes, such as documents, biometrics and electronic data without collecting and storing personal data. Individuals can manage credentials in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and developers will be able to request and verify credentials via an application sdk.

Remote Onboarding
Quickly and safely onboard your employees, contractors, customers
App and Resources Access Management
Seamlessly grant access to high-value apps and resources
Account Recovery
Enable self-service account recovery for employees

Why Join the Program?​

It’s Not an Option to Not Share Personal Information Online; Solving for How to Do That Safely and Seamlessly is a Societal Imperative

“Microsoft is realizing its dream of decentralized ID starting now, and I am excited for AU10TIX to be a participant in this journey—one of a variety of initiatives we are exploring to collectively reimagine the future of identity management,” said Carey O’Connor Kojala in a recent blog.

Benefits of Entra Verified ID

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    • More protection against breaches
    • Credentials verified by reliable parties
    • Meeting regulatory requirements by default 
  • 02


    • No custom integration
    • No need to store users PII
    • No wait times for id verification
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    • Lower cost
    • As easy as using digital cards
    • Verify once, use everywhere  to add text
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