Ongoing compliance

Meet or Beat
KYC and AML compliance

AU10TIX effortlessly adapts to any changes in laws, rules and policies of government entities as well as enterprises’ standards and policies. By harnessing groundbreaking features and functionalities, AU10TIX goes above and beyond global Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulation and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) requirements, exceeding requirements while
providing frictionless, smooth customer experience.


A quantum leap in KYC

AU10TIX combines Deep Learning image processing, forensic fraud detection, and AI Insights

to empower businesses to maximize conversions and grow with confidence. AU10TIX offers

sophisticated customization so risk managers and security teams can adjust risk tolerance and

taylor their defense strategy around the business needs, goals and priorities.

AU10TIX Real-time Multi-Vector Contextual Risk Indicators Analysis

AU10TIX multi-layered approach enable CISOs, Risk and Operation Managers – and their

teams customize their level of protection with configurable risk tolerance – and design their

defense suite around their business goals, needs and priorities.


Forensic-level forgery

Data Insights

Data-driven insights

Zero Bias

Zero Bias


Ongoing compliance

Fast enablement

Transform your customer journey - fast

AU10TIX easily and rapidly integrates with your systems to
quickly provide ongoing KYC and AML compliance.