Identity verification

Verify identities
in seconds, not minutes

AU10TIX average ID time is 4.5 seconds. It provides unparalleled results in terms of accuracy and speed – the two key components in a great customer experience.

Key Benefits

Identity Theft

Easily reduce Identity theft

AU10TIX’s deep learning algorithm knows when an ID is manipulated. AU10TIX “sees the big picture” and flags for review any abnormal activity / behavioral pattern that might possess a fraud threat for an organization (legit ID in all over the place).


Identify Synthetic IDs

By using AI based cross referencing of various information sources, AU10TIX can flag Synthetic IDs with great accuracy.


Fully autonomous onboarding experience

AU10TIX harnesses deep learning to verify and authenticate ID documents with no human intervention. Unlike Machine Learning based and other AI solutions, AU10TIX does not rely on a human expert for manual, back-office “review”. It provides unparalleled customer onboarding and KYC initiation with high accuracy and unmatched ease.


Meet or beat KYC/AML compliance

Effortlessly adapt to any changes in laws, rules and policies of government entities as well as enterprises’ standards, policies. By harnessing groundbreaking features and functionalities, AU10TIX goes above and beyond global Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) requirements, exceeding requirements while elevating customer experience.

How it Works

Layers of Trust™: the technology behind
autonomous authentication

AU10TIX multi-layered approach enables CISOs, Risk Managers and Operation teams taylor their level of protection and design their defense suite as well as configure its sensitivity resolution around their business goals, needs and priorities.

The future is here: super fast omni-channel authentication

With the maturity of technologies such as deep learning, biometrics and data science, AU10TIX is taking the next step into the future of authentication. The synergy between deep learning based image processing, cutting-edge biometric technology and data, provides an autonomous solution that increase risk teams’ confidence in their ability to obliterate fraud and shift their focus to business growth.