Au10tix Serial Fraud Monitor

Serial Fraud Monitor, formerly known as INSTINCT, is the only fraud mitigation consortium of it’s kind. Serial Fraud Monitor’s award-winning neural network technology outsmarts the smartest fraudsters even if they’ve already slipped past front-line identity verification defenses.


AU10TIX Serial Fraud Monitor

The only neural network fraud prevention platform of its kind, anywhere.

Monitor subtle fraud patterns and behaviors, moment-by-moment at live-traffic level.

Traffic-level live fraud analysis
fake id
Best-in-class synthetic fraud killer
Post-breach fraud cleanup alerts
employment documents
‘Trusted user’ reputation scoring

Serial Fraud Monitor is an IT World Awards® Gold winning technology helping global brands protect customers from sophisticated fraud.

Extra-layer Fraud Mitigation

Already using a front-line Identity verification solution?
It’s just not enough

Serial Fraud Monitor compliments traditional identity verification that relies on siloed data and single-document analysis that can’t detect the most advanced fraud.

Learn how Serial Fraud Monitor easily integrates alongside front-line anti-fraud defenses, helping you detect the most advanced networked fraud.

enhanced due diligance

Traffic-level Fraud Analysis

Serial Fraud Monitor never forgets a face, address, social security number, date of birth

Each time you, a customer, or other participating businesses present Serial Fraud Monitor’s consortium neural network with a new unique identifier, Serial Fraud Monitor remembers for near-instant future cross-referencing.

Learn how Serial Fraud Monitor compares countless versions of the same document with variable combinations.

Industry Accolades