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INSTINCT is the only fraud mitigation consortium of it’s kind anywhere in the known universe. INSTINCT’s award-winning neural network technology outsmarts the smartest fraudsters. Even if they’ve already slipped past front-line identity verification defenses.



The only neural network fraud prevention platform of its kind, anywhere

Monitor subtle fraud patterns and behaviors, moment-by-moment at live-traffic level.

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Best-in-class deep fake synthetic fraud killer
INSTINCT detects and stops the most sophisticated fraud like deep fakes, swarm attacks and synthetic fraud.
Traffic-level live fraud analysis
Front-line Identity Verification relies on single-document analysis. INSTINCT monitors evolving behavior patterns and anomalies, at the customer-traffic level.
Post-breach fraud cleanup alerts
INSTINCT scans, flags and cleans up lurking fraud threats retroactively, even after they’ve made it past your front-line defenses.
‘Trusted user’ reputation scoring
Giving negative scoring to known fraud-threats is one thing. But INSTINCT goes one better, also adding positive scoring of trusted user identities.

INSTINCT is an IT World Awards® Gold winning technology helping global brands protect customers from sophisticated fraud.

Extra-layer Fraud Mitigation

Already using a front-line Identity verification solution?
It’s just not enough

INSTINCT compliments traditional identity verification that relies on siloed data and single-document analysis that can’t detect the most advanced fraud.

Learn how INSTINCT easily integrates alongside front-line anti-fraud defenses, helping you obliterate the most advanced, networked fraud.

Traffic-level Fraud Analysis

INSTINCT never forgets a face, address, social security number, date of birth

Each time you, a customer, or other participating businesses present INSTINCT’s consortium neural network with a new unique identifier, INSTINCT remembers for near-instant future cross-referencing.

Learn how INSTINCT compares countless versions of the same document with variable combinations.

Unique Anti-fraud Consortium

What gives INSTINCT its anti-fraud superpowers?

Thanks to a unique consortium of ant-fraud partners – including Big Tech names – INSTINCT’s neural network gets stronger and better at what it does.

Join INSTINCT’s global partner consortium.

How does INSTINCT work?

Once you’ve easily integrated INSTINCT to support front-line identity verification defenses, you’ll be rocking traffic-level neural-network fraud detection and prevention capabilities that are truly unparalleled.

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    Trigger Your Instinct

    INSTINCT’s fraud detection network is triggered either manually - via text query, for example, (address, social security number, etc.), or by a user-scanned ID document.

  • 02

    Instinct Gets to Work

    Instantly, INSTINCT’s neural network gets to work cross referencing historic data in your own network and broader participating network of consortium partners.

  • 03

    Results in Seconds

    It all happens with zero human intervention. Results are consolidated with other IDV queries, streamlining multi-layered analysis through a single service call.

  • 04

    Instinct Remembers

    Data is hashed and securely  stored for future queries.

A Networked Solution

The way cybercriminals behave is not siloed, it’s networked. How do we fight them in the same way? We’re learning that businesses have to be adaptive and collaborative in order to compete.

Carey O’connor KolajaCEO, AU10TIX

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