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AU10TIX Joins the FIDO Alliance

AU10TIX, a global cloud-based, machine learning, I.D. verification and authentication platform, recently joined the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO Alliance is a cross-industry coalition developing open, interoperable authentication standards that reduce reliance on passwords with authentication that is more secure, private, and easier to use.

“Providing safer and compliant solutions, requires us to be at the forefront of global and local regulation while shaping future policies,” said Carey Kolaja, President and Chief Operating Officer, AU10TIX. “AU10TIX is certified under ISO/IEC standard, adheres to SOC and CCPA, and is compliant with GDPR. Our vision is to protect consumer identities by creating secure and seamless transactions for our partners and their customers. Trust is critical as we become more globally-connected, and by joining the FIDO Alliance, we will work alongside industry leaders to directly influence the development of standards that will enable leading businesses to build trust, creating a more inclusive and secure world.”

“We are excited to welcome our newest sponsor member, AU10TIX, to the FIDO Alliance,” said Christina Hulka, executive director and COO of the FIDO Alliance. “AU10TIX brings unique expertise and knowledge that will prove valuable to our growing member network. We look forward to their contributions and perspective as we aim to strengthen identity verification processes and change the nature of authentication.”

“The Alliance’s new focus on identity verification, including remote, possession-based techniques leveraging government-issued identity documents, was the catalyst for us to join forces. Over the last decade, we have been leading the market in automated global I.D. verification, and we felt it was our responsibility to be part of the discussion in a more formal way,” stated Kolaja.

About AU10TIX
AU10TIX is providing critical infrastructure that enables companies and their customers to operate efficiently and responsibly in today’s digital world. Over the last decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred solution for customer onboarding and customer verification automation. The company’s proprietary technology provides results in less than 8 seconds, allowing companies to onboard faster, prevent fraud, meet compliance mandates, and importantly, establish trust with their customers. AU10TIX recently announced an $80M investment from TPG and Oak ft/hc to fuel growth and innovation. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. For more information, visit AU10TIX.Com

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