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AU10TIX Announces the Appointment of David G.W Birch to Advisory Board


David G.W Birch is an author, advisor, commentator and internationally recognized thought leader in digital identity and digital money. David is the Global Ambassador for Consult Hyperion, the Technology Fellow at the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation, a Visiting Professor at the University of Surrey Business School and holds a number of board-level advisory rolls around the world. Before helping to found Consult Hyperion, he worked as a consultant in Europe, the Far East, and North America.

David has been focused on the convergence of identity and payments for the last decade. His landmark book Identity is the New Money was a thought-provoking account of the connection between national ID schemes, financial inclusion, and payments. Combining AU10TIX’s technology and David’s strategic insights puts AU10TIX on a path to broaden its portfolio of solutions.

“I was flattered to be asked and delighted to be able to accept the invitation to join the AU10TIX Advisory board at this exciting phase of the company’s journey,” said Birch. “AU10TIX has established itself as a global leader and is distinguishing itself through its advanced machine learning technology, its continuing talent acquisition, and its unmatched customer base. I am excited to be working with Ron, Carey and the rest of the management team.”

“As a recognized leader in the space David could have joined any number of identity companies, we are humbled and excited that he chose to join us at AU10TIX,” said Carey Kolaja President, COO, AU10TIX. “David’s decision is a testament to our company, our leaders, our technology and ambitious growth strategy.”

“David has a proven track record of success in helping leading companies to grow and develop their products and services. With our strategic investors TPG and OAK, our sustainable economics, and our growing advisory board, we are positioned to take our first step beyond ID verification KYC / AML into new and growing markets.”

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