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Learning Through Disruption: Digital Identity in Education


Following our October 2020 Digital RoundtableLearning Through Disruption: Digital Identity in Education, in partnership with AU10TIX, we explored, synthesized, and dove deeper into the critical discussions on the impact digital identity can have in solving challenges the education sector is facing.


A student’s relationship with an educational institution extends far beyond graduation. Across a graduate’s post-collegiate career, proof of education becomes a critical component of one’s identity. The introduction of verifiable and personalized credentials is the foundation to creating a trusted framework to service the educational sector. At these intersections — academia and technology as well as formal education and ongoing skills development — is where the notion of identity in education can really take on a new form.


In this report, OWI and our partner, AU10TIX, take a deep dive into the role digital identity plays in the future of education.

The report includes

An analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on academic administrators to not only accelerate remote learning capabilities rapidly but also to serve students with individualized educational experiences

A deep dive into privacy and surveillance concerns while maintaining academic integrity in remote learning environments

An exploration into the role of trusted frameworks to service the educational sector and a future with interoperable identity attributes

A case study on  how identity can be leveraged for exam integrity

Reported Enterprise Data Breaches in the Last 30 Days by Industry

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