2021 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award

The Global Identity Management Industry Excellence in Best Practices

Frost & Sullivan:

"AU10TIX: A World-class Vendor Thriving in the Identity Management Space"

Selected For: Best Quality, Reliability, and Performance in the Customer Experience Space

Today’s customer journeys are shifting to digital, providing new business opportunities yet opening up new forms of security risks as well. The high use of mobile devices and digital channels by end customers is making it difficult for businesses to link real and fake customer identities. In this complex security scenario, the importance of a secure customer journey has grown enormously.

Companies need proper identity management solutions that ensure the right people are accessing online platforms. 

Frost & Sullivan:

"Identity authentication and verification have become one of the most significant factors driving the customer experience (CX) in the last couple of years"

Is the value eCommerce business will reach in 2022.
Of consumers will switch
brands due to poor CX
Billion devices will exist by 2030 with 20 connected per user

The Analysts Have Stated...

Fully Automated Omnichannel Solution for Better Security and an Enhanced Customer Experience

“AU10TIX is addressing customer’s high expectations around security and CX through a fully automated omnichannel solution that handles complex and multifaceted threats while maintaining a fast and smooth customer journey. Its solution performs identity verification within 8 seconds and enables complete onboarding within 90 seconds, one of the fastest rates in the industry. Such an outstanding outcome is achieved through the application of advanced AI and automation to allow for accurate authentication without a back office review by a human agent.”

Federico Teveles, ICT Industry Analyst Frost & Sullivan 2021

Extensive and Multidimensional Product Offering for Complex Threats

“AU10TIX is distinguished by its product innovation and fast adaptation to the changing security environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AU10TIX launched INSTINCT, a platform that fights synthetic identity fraud by employing adaptive analytics based on behavioral patterns. INSTINCT is architected to unveil criminals using fraudulent ID credentials that have already penetrated an organization’s system undetected.”

– Frost & Sullivan 2021 The Growth Pipeline Company

AU10TIX Offers One of the Most Innovative and Advanced Platforms in the Global Identity Management Industry

“The company has become a game-changing provider by harnessing a wide-ranging set of innovative technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, forensic-level biometrics, and behavioral analytics. The blending of these technologies allows companies to prevent fraud, meet compliance mandates, and ultimately, establish trust with their customers—one of the most significant assets that businesses can create.”

– Federico Teveles, ICT Industry Analyst Frost & Sullivan 2021

Resounding Accolades

Award-Winning Technology

Forensic Grade Biometric Security, Enterprise-Ready, and Fully Customizable Solutions

Regulatory Compliance

All ID Verification Services Are Compliant With KYC/AML Regulations at a Global Scale

Innovative Machine Learning

Neural Networks, Computer Vision and Behavioral Analytics Technologies

Why Do Leading Companies Should Choose AU10TIX Identity Verification Technology?

Frost & Sullivan believes that AU10TIX’s scalability and customization capabilities differentiate it from the competition.

  1. PROVEN EXPERIENCE: With complex customers such as technology corporations, global payments systems, and Fortune 500 corporations that demand substantial scalability and complex customization.
  2. SCALABILITY: Providing immediate scalability and tailored solutions to help customers balance their business goals, growth, and security requirements.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Supporting customers in multi-languages, configuring sensitive resolutions, enabling solutions up and running in only a few days.
  4. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: With any third-party system via APIs and combining modules in the way customers want.

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