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AU10TIX’s smart forensic-level ID authentication technology links physical and digital identities, meets compliance mandates, and ensures that your customers know their trust and safety come first.

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What Sets Us Apart

#1 Identity Verification Platform
Choose the only identity intelligence solution originally built for airport security and border control—where security and accuracy are not optional.
Truly Multi-lingual With 300+ Million Identities Scanned & Verified
English, Latin languages, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, you name it—leverage the same technology that’s already scanned and verified identities of more than 5% of the world’s population, supports thousands of document types, and enables you to confidently connect with your customers any way, anywhere.
4.5 Second Average for Identity Verification
Meet consumer expectations for instant access with an ultra-fast onboarding experience capable of reading low-quality but valid images already deployed and trusted by many Fortune 500 companies that want to provide safer, more seamless services.
2x Increase in Synthetic Identity Fraud Detection & Prevention
Obliterate the fastest-growing type of fraud with forensic-level machine learning and computer vision able to detect sophisticated forgeries that neither the human eye nor traditional verification models could.
100% Automated to Meet Aml & Data Privacy Standards
Work with a company operating at the highest international standards for data privacy and CFT. AU10TX was one of the first to earn the ISO/IEC 27701 certification and continues to make a significant investment in information security technology critical for keeping up with compliance.

Layers of Trust

Customize Your Level of Protection

Design your identity management infrastructure around your business goals, needs, and priorities with our multi-layered approach.

  • Fully Autonomous Document Verification
    Verify and authenticate ID documents without human intervention. Our machine learning-based technology automatically extracts, classifies, screens, and authenticates ID documents.
  • Document Liveness
    Ensure that documents you receive are authentic with document liveness technology that precisely detects important attributes like thickness, glare, hologram, and more that signal a document's authenticity.
  • Address Services
    Advanced Proof-of-Address (PoA) processing, normalization, validation, and verification capabilities that strengthen your KYC compliance.
  • Synthetic Fraud Detection
    Combat today’s fastest-growing type of fraud—synthetic fraud—with our advanced neural network technology, which includes INSTINCT, a first-of-its-kind fraud-fighting consortium for global businesses. We’re now able to automatically detect synthetic fraud patterns, anomalies, and repetitions across the participating network to stop 2x more fraud than traditional models.
  • Biometric Authentication
    Verify identities with active facial liveness, passive facial liveness, and distinguishing biological traits, such as fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves, keystroke dynamics, DNA, and signatures.
  • NFC Verification
    Our near-field communication (NFC) technology allows for contactless verification, that automatically extracts, compares, and validates data in compatible IDs and ePassports.
  • Electronic Data Verification
    Automatically conduct compliance screenings for anti-money-laundering (AML), politically exposed persons (PEP)/sanctions, and Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC).
  • The Future of Identity
    Keeping one step ahead of how we want to safely live, work, and play, you can count on us to provide the industry’s most cutting-edge identity management technology. Whether it’s enabling new personalized services or reaching the next level of fraud prevention, we cover your company’s back for the demands and risks of tomorrow.


We’ve Got Your Back.

Leverage the power of AU10TIX’s award-winning technologies, our team of professionals, and our 24/7 support to gain complete confidence that your most precious assets and your connection with your customer are kept safe. Our identity intelligence solutions automatically combine deep learning, cutting-edge forensic-level biometrics, and data science to obliterate fraud, increase conversions, and shift your focus to business growth. 

We Are AU10TIX

Protecting businesses, verifying identities, and fighting fraud since 1982


A pioneer in next-gen authentication technologies, AU10TIX is headquartered in Israel. We originated as the technology arm of ICTS (est. 1982) and were trusted by governments to automate identity verification for airports and borders before spinning off to deliver groundbreaking enterprise-grade solutions as AU10TIX.  


Protecting identities is not an option; it is a global imperative as we become more digitally dependent. We’re on a mission to obliterate fraud and make the world a more secure and inclusive place with forensic-grade technology that confidently links our physical and digital identities.

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AU10TIX Is Teaming Up With Microsoft To Unlock the Future Of Identity Verification

As declared at Microsoft Ignite, AU10TIX is joining Microsoft to launch a verifiable credentials capability in Azure Active Directory for safer, simpler employee identity verification.

The Best at What We Do

“We need a new breed of identity managers, digital experts, bodies we can trust, vigilant masters of cybersecurity that evolve in skill alongside the best hackers and the best fraud criminals out there.”

Bird Levels Up Micromobility ID Verification

Prevent Underage Riding - Bird’s new AU10TIX-powered ID Scan employs deep learning to ensure every rider uses a unique, valid and authentic ID when creating an account. For an added layer of protection, it can even be paired with the Selfie Match feature we’re deploying.

Uber Launches New Identity Verification Solution

“Uber and AU10TIX's latest partnership represents the future of adaptive identity verification. It demonstrates how identity proofing can adjust to a consumer payment preference. Cash, for example, is important to accept, and will drive an increase in layers of verification.” 

INSTINCT Shows 2-Fold Increase in Synthetic Fraud Detection

Since launching in June 2020, 15% of AU10TIX’s customer base has opted into INSTINCT, the company’s new fraud-fighting consortium, as a way to combat today’s fastest-growing type of fraud: synthetic fraud. 

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