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Search Engine Phishing

Search Engine Phishing – This type of phishing occurs when thieves create websites that contain “too good to be true” offers, services, and other incentives. The website is legitimately indexed into search engines such as yahoo or Google so that during the normal course of searching for products or services individuals can find these offers.

Once the individual access the website the user is given incentives and persuaded in such a way that the individual becomes susceptible to give up his or her personal identifying information to take advantage of the offer being given. An example of this would be when you are purchasing a normally high priced item over the internet, such as a video game system, and you find a website that has a much lower price.

You may be tempted to purchase this item at a lower price but you do not realize that you are accessing a fake website. The schemer is just trying to obtain personal and credit card/debit card information from individuals.  Another example is a job website that may offer a higher salary than the same job by other companies in that industry.

The schemer’s website may require you to put in your Social Security number in addition to other personal identifiable information.


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