The importance of Identity Intelligence

Identity intelligence isn’t new. What’s new is the magic that makes it effortlessly scalable.

Without getting lost in the weeds, identity intelligence is the art of enabling access while managing risk as context evolves. That’s pretty important.

In a pre-internet world identity intelligence wasn’t easy. The technology AU10TIX is built on secured airports and stopped terrorism. That’s kind of important too.

Today, we’ve made it an invisible magic powered by AI, machine learning and neural networks that bring real-world expertise to digital identity management.

Now you can finally protect physical and digital identity, free up growth, and preserve seamless customer experiences. All at once. What could be more important than that?


Part of a Global Community

Act with INSTINCT & double-down on fraud.

INSTINCT is the collaborative technology that serves a global network of businesses. Together, we automatically detect synthetic fraud patterns, anomalies, and repetitions across the platform, obliterating 2x more fraud than traditional models.


Sharing Great Experiences

Experience is now the number-one differentiator over product & price

Experience for yourself the kind of experiences your users could be sharing with others (if they even remember) with a response between 4 to 8 seconds verification AU10TIX demo.


Industry Accolades