Defining Identity Intelligence

Join the front line of identity intelligence & synthetic fraud prevention.

We’ve been helping define what identity intelligence can be since before it was ‘cool’. From airport and border control in the 80s to today’s digitally dependent economy, we work with the world’s largest and fastest growing companies to confidently connect them with their customers. 


Payments. Telehealth. Banking. Traditional enterprises moving online. The more virtual business becomes, the wider the gap between real and fake human identity. New threats emerge to fill the void. What follows? Tighter regulation. That can only be a good thing. But diligence takes time.  

How do you balance ethical responsibility and compliance with user experience and commercial goals? 

With faster, more robust identity intelligence that anchors real and virtual identity inseparably—it doesn’t get much faster or more robust than AU10TIX. 

One API, all the customizable identity intelligence you’ll ever need, & none of the compromise.


Creating a more secure & inclusive world

People are uniquely different. Identity is equally precious.

‘Identity data points’ are more than ‘potential fraud signals’. Each time you onboard a new user or customer, someone somewhere smiles as they experience what you offer. Part of our role is to keep them (and you) smiling throughout the journey.

Automated, Modular Technology

Meaningful, scalable identity management moments made to matter.

Verifying a new customer? Re-verifying an existing customer keen to access more? AU10TIX reliably scales hi-fidelity, low-interruption identity verification moments that make your products, services and experiences really matter.


Industry Accolades