Autonomous authentication

Transform global
customer onboarding

Onboard faster, prevent fraud,
meet compliance mandates and establish
trust with your customers.


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Identity scans

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Deep Learning

Autonomous Authentication:
a pixel-perfect solution
that gets the picture

A game-changer in global customer onboarding: superior verification abilities, zero bias, ultra-fast processing with military-grade precision. And with 300% more conversions it is the most advanced solution for KYC and CNP onboarding.

Deep Learning

Accuracy and precision

Get 300% more conversions

With phenomenal verification time of 8 seconds or less, AU10TIX quadruples conversions for low quality images which allows companies onboard customers faster while preventing fraud.


Ultra-fast enablement

Drastically reduce ID-based fraud while minimizing the costs associated with client processing, enable effective regulatory compliance, accelerate sales and support operations and maximize their efficiency. It takes AU10TIX 8 seconds or less to verify an ID identity or a document, which is over 20 times faster than other solutions in the category – It is, by far, the fastest solution out there.

With phenomenal verification time of 8 seconds or less, AU10TIX quadruples conversions for low quality images which allows companies onboard customers faster while preventing fraud.

au10tix up to



[Competition 180 avg. seconds] 

expertise and experience

Crystalizing the science of trust

AU10TIX harnesses the technology that helps prevent countless terror attacks and keep airports safe, to develop the ultimate ID authentication and verification solution: 100% autonomous, ultra-fast and consistently accurate.

Improve customer
conversion rate

Increase effective
traffic handling capacity

Reduce operating

Boost operating

Enhance fraud

Maximize KYC

global reach

Obliterate fraud.
Anytime. Anywhere.

With over 5% of the world identities already scanned and verified, fortune 500 companies are powered by AU10TIX, wiping out fraud while confidently focusing on growth.

Global reach


With great power
comes great scalability

AU10TIX takes verification and authentication to a whole new level of scalability. The power of deep learning lies within the input – the more you feed it, the smarter it becomes. This enables you to scale consumer onboarding and exponentially scale your business.


The ID-based fraud landscape is constantly changing and deep learning is our silver bullet in the constant fight to adapt and evolve. Unlike other solutions in the market, AU10TIX deep learning algorithms allowed us to quickly and dramatically scale our business while reducing fraud and processing times – all it took was 3 weeks from signup to production! For us, our clients and partners, this solution is nothing short of brilliant.

[Chief Risk Officer, Fortune-500 retailer]

Fraud detection

Always ahead
of the fraud curve

With groundbreaking features and functionalities such as forensic-level forgery, data-driven insights, counterfeiting and risk factor auto-detection, AU10TIX’s goes above and beyond regulators’ requirements. It outpaces the competition, as well as fraudsters, anticipating your needs to protect your business, sometimes even before you know it.
Fraud detection
Customizable defense

Customizable defense

You know best

AU10TIX empowers you with configurable layers of protection so you can protect/secure your business based on your needs and priorities.

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