Fraud Stories

Real Victims. Real Fraudsters. Real Experts.

Fraud Stories explores real stories of fraud and brings you expert-level guidance on avoiding, mitigating, and recovering from fraud. In Season One, host Mark Lurie talks to both victims and experts involved in disaster fraud, marriage fraud, elder fraud, art fraud and more.

If you have no experience with fraud, these stories will both scare and protect you. If you were a victim of fraud, we hope this series is cathartic and that you’ll know you aren’t alone. If you are a fraud professional, you’ll get a window into how experts deal with fraud across industries.


Season One Schedule


S.B.A. Loan Fraud

A New York City attorney spends nearly 14 months in Federal Prison after fraudulently applying for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan in the wake of September 11th.

Featured Guest:

Jeff Grant, co-founder of Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.


Marriage Fraud

A Harvard educated mathematician falls victim to an online romance scam. A relationship expert sheds light on the red flags that were missed.

Featured Guests:

Tracy Ross, a couples and family therapist in NYC

Jonathan Farley, professor of mathematics


Check Fraud

A financial advisor battles ongoing check fraudsters in his personal life. A financial crime expert discusses vulnerabilities exposed by Coronavirus and social isolation.

Featured Guests:

Ohad Sternberg, Senior Product Manager at NICE Actimize

Larry Solomon, financial advisor at Mercer Advisors

September 22

Art Fraud

A fine art expert talks about the most draw-dropping cases of art fraud he has run across in his 40+ year career.

Featured Guest:

Scott Haskins, fine art expert and conservator

September 29

Details coming soon.

October 1

Details coming soon.

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