AU10TICATOR SPOTLIGHT with Einat Zviely Efrat and Ran Daniel, from Payoneer

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AU10TIX enables Payoneer to scale up their customer onboarding in a 100% automated, fraud-free environment.

The Challenge

Payoneer is the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce. The company needs fully automated identity management that makes decisions and not just recommendations. AU10TIX was tasked by Payoneer with providing a fraud-free, seamless identity verification experience for their customers.

The Result

AU10TIX enables Payoneer to scale up customer onboarding in a fraud-free and cost effective manner.

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  • Can you tell us about yourselves, your work at Payoneer and with AU10TIX?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “I am a Senior Director of Product Management and I work with products that integrate with Payoneer operations and AU10TIX definitely fits that definition. My team and I are responsible for making sure we hold up to KPI-based standards to leverage assets between both organizations and keep on introducing new capabilities to fight fraud. For us in Payoneer, being able to monetize the value that AU10TIX brings is critical.”

    Ran Daniel – “I have been working with AU10TIX for four and a half years now. As a KYC solutions manager, I am responsible for making sure that Payoneer has a package of verification tools that protect us from fraudulent players and provide a seamless onboarding experience for our customers. In addition, I assist in the development, implementation, performance, and analysis of our current operating KYC verification tools – for regulation and operations. I do all of this so our onboarding teams can enjoy a trusted tool. In parallel, I am proactively leading and developing a strong partnership with our vendors.”

Payoneer's main office in New York City
Payoneer team at Money 20/20 conference in June 2022

  • Please tell us a little about Payoneer?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “Payoneer is a global commerce company. We help all sizes of businesses to transact and grow. Our ultimate goal as a business is to be the “go to” partner for digital commerce around the world. Our business services freelancers and marketplaces when it comes to financial transactions.

    Headquartered in New York City, Payoneer was founded in 2005. Our Co CEOs are Scott Galit and Johan Caplan. In 2021, the company went public. Payoneer has over 2,000 employees with offices in 25 countries and we continue to grow. We are regulated by the major financial regulations and as a company, it is very important for us to continue to abide by these regulations. This impacts our work with AU10TIX. We are always pushing towards the side of compliance.

    On a personal note, it is super challenging to work in a company where the complexity of the business is inherent in the business itself. The fact that we are so global, we serve so many kinds of people in so many different countries, different languages and regulations makes it very complicated. There is a lot more to transferring money than moving a dollar from here to there.”

“Neither we nor our customers have the time for human intervention in every business transaction.”

Einat Zviely EfratSr. Director, Product Management at Payoneer

  • What was the process or criteria for choosing an identity verification partner?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “Having a vendor as a partner is not a one-time effort. We don’t just sign a contract and then we talk again when it comes time for renewal. Identity management involves daily work on how we optimize our coverage percentage, our match percentage, our automation, the SLAs, how we are able to scale and what is the false negative and false positive of our work together.

    Relationships between people play a very important role because at the end of the day, we need to be there for each other. Trust is essential here.

Scott Galit (left) and John Caplan, CEO and co-CEO, Payoneer

We are monetizing the verdict of the vendor. If a vendor is only recommending, it’s not good enough. Why? Forgery now days is difficult to be detected with a human eye. Fraudsters are smart and they know their “line of business”. In addition, a recommendation translates to additional workload for us. This is where AU10TIX’s automation comes into play. If a human had to approve everything, we would risk the business and it would disrupt the customer journey. Without automation, we end up with a vicious cycle of “needs additional info” which is bad for both sides.

We rely on AU10TIX’s verdict when it comes to identity verification, and this is the result of a change of mindset here at Payoneer.

Another part of our work together is the quick turnaround. A human will always be in the loop. But we cannot operate without automations. The human operator does not see the inside of the machine – they need to trust it, and this isn’t easy at first. The fact that AU10TIX is always able to get back to us quickly with resolution or a root cause analysis makes a huge difference for us.”

“Together, we have improved our fraud detection rates. I’m proud of that.”

Einat Zviely EfratSr. Director, Product Management at Payoneer

  • Can you tell us about your experience in working with AU10TIX for Payoneer?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “I think AU10TIX is also maturing and building even more robust engineering practices in our work together.”

    Ran Daniel – “As part of our KYC processes, we require identifying documents from our customers. AU10TIX automates the process of identity verification for Payoneer.”

  • Can you share with us any quantifiable results?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “As our business is growing year by year, we need an identity management solution that is scalable and gives us seamless customer experience. Second, automation is critical for us. Neither we nor our customers have the time for human intervention in every business transaction. AU10TIX indeed provides Payoneer standardization in market best practices in the world of identity verification.”

“AU10TIX indeed provides Payoneer standardization in market best practices in the world of identity verification.”

Einat Zviely EfratSr. Director, Product Management at Payoneer

  • How does AU10TIX fit into Payoneer’s long-term objectives?

    Ran Daniel – “As fraudsters get more and more sophisticated, we see how they pass on forged documents as real. AU10TIX gives us a deep view of the fraud trends in various markets – beyond our daily routine work together. This helps us to fight identity fraud with AU10TIX.”

  • Would you recommend AU10TIX to other companies? Why?

    Einat Zviely Efrat – “We trust AU10TIX’s automation. With great power comes great responsibility. With AU10TIX customer support team, we constantly monitor the automation for the good of our business and our customers. Together, we have improved our fraud detection rates. I’m proud of that.”

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