AU10TICATOR SPOTLIGHT with Gali Gelber, Head of Trust and Safety at Fiverr

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AU10TIX enabled Fiverr to accommodate user growth and scalability, detect high-level synthetic forgeries and increase fraud detection rates while ensuring the privacy of their marketplace sellers’ information.

The Challenge

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest freelancer service marketplaces. The company needs to be able to onboard new sellers and buyers while maintaining a near-perfect level of fraud detection.

AU10TIX was tasked by Fiverr to accomplish two main goals:

  • Accelerate Fiverr’s capacity to onboard new customers
  • Increase fraud detection rates while authenticating seller identities

Ensuring seller information privacy has to be maintained throughout the process.

The Result

AU10TIX’s fully automated identity verification services have enabled Fiverr to detect high-level synthetic forgeries and to increase fraud detection rates, authenticating the identity of the sellers and eliminating any malicious intent and misuse of Fiverr’s platform, thus making the platform a safe and convenient environment for buyers and sellers alike.

Improved Customer Experiencetech-page-icon-Increased Fraud Detectiontech-iconMade Fiverr a Safe Environmenttech-iconEasy to Integrate

“With the help of AU10TIX, we’re reaching the next level of fraud prevention.”

Gali GelberHead of Trust and Safety at Fiverr

  • Can you tell us a little about Fiverr?

    Fiverr is an online marketplace that is changing how the world works together. Fiverr’s platform connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent, offering digital services in more than 550 categories, across 9 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video, and animation.

  • Could you please tell us a little bit about your responsibility as the Head of Trust and Safety at Fiverr?

    As the head of Trust and Safety at Fiverr, I oversee the teams that are in charge of protecting our community members as well as Fiverr’s reputation. My objective as the head of Trust and Safety is to inspire users’ trust and increase the quality of their experiences on our marketplace.
    One of the goals of the Trust and Safety department is to protect the Fiverr community members against identity fraud. We want to ensure users that sign up to the platform are who they say they are. Our emphasis is detecting fraudulent profiles while minimizing friction during the user journey. Having the “best user experience” is our mission and, it’s crucial for us being business enablers to maintain our positive reputation as a safe and a secured platform for our sellers and buyers to interact.

  • Can you tell us what drew you into your current position?

    My background is in risk management, I was looking for an opportunity to make the world a better place, and Fiverr is the exact landscape where I can pursue this opportunity. I feel like I’m contributing to the global challenge of combating fraud online.

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“AU10TIX’s automated identification solution has enabled us to provide a smooth and speedy CX while reducing fraud related costs.”

Gali GelberHead of Trust and Safety at Fiverr

  • Where is Fiverr’s team located?

    Fiverr’s Risk team is based out of Tel Aviv. Fiverr’s global footprint includes offices in New York City, San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, London, Berlin, and Kyiv.

  • Can you describe the core services that are offered to your community?

    Our platform connects skilled digital freelancers with businesses of all sizes. Fiverr provides a safe and simplified environment for our users to transact while reducing the hassle of pricing, negotiating and payment collection.

    Fiverr is all about collaboration. Our mission is to provide Fiverr sellers and buyers a safe platform to interact with each other and to offer business continuity in a frictionless and safe environment.

“Connecting with a trusted third-party digital identity company is key to scaling digital identity more broadly.”

Gali GelberHead of Trust and Safety at Fiverr

  • Did Fiverr have previous experience with any other identity verification partners?


  • Since using AU10TIX solutions did you notice an increase in fraud detection rates in terms of speed, accuracy, and customer experience?

    We can see an improvement in the quality of our customer base. This also improved the user experience for our buyers. A bad customer experience eventually results in order cancellations, chargebacks or disputes which can easily hurt our reputation and ultimately decrease our revenues.

    Also, the large global coverage of document verification has helped Fiverr with its global audience and to position ourselves as a trusted and credible marketplace. AU10TIX’s automated identification solution has enabled us to provide a smooth and speedy CX while reducing fraud related costs. So, we believe this flow contributes to better customer experiences.

  • What services does Fiverr obtain from AU10TIX?

    IDV identity verification and face comparison services.

  • Can you share with us some of the main challenges that your organization was facing when scaling up? How did you deal with trust and safety and protecting your users against identity fraud?

    We’ve designed our identity management infrastructure around our specific business goals, needs, and priorities with a modular approach so we can scale up quickly. With the help of AU10TIX, we’re reaching the next level of fraud prevention and we’re always trying to project the demands and risks of tomorrow.

  • What kind of decision or compelling event drew you to deciding to use an identity management solution? Was it a compliance regulatory requirement or a strategic business decision for improving the customer experience journey?

    As we started maturing as a company and our database grew, we began to realize that in some cases we have users “misrepresenting” themselves creating forged profiles. We were looking for a trusted partner to help us with user profile forgery detection, and to authenticate our users’ profiles.
    Fiverr has cleared the barriers that connect talent and businesses around the world making it simple and intuitive for anyone to open an account and  start offering or buying services: Keeping the platform safe is a priority and it was important that Fiverr could increase identity measures while providing a simplified frictionless user experience; at that point, we chose AU10TIX as our identity verification partner.

  • What was the process of, or the criteria for choosing an identity verification partner?

    We were looking for an ID verification partner that we can grow and scale up with. At the time we approached several vendors, which we checked against different criteria, mainly SLA and integration complexity. It was important for us that the checks would  be automated and not manual and another criteria that was extremely important for us was the global coverage on document validation. Also, we wanted  to utilize smart technology that could link physical and digital identities.

  • Could you describe the integration and implementation of our solutions.

    Just like in any strategic collaboration, we needed to create efficient work processes focusing on meeting our needs and high expectations. So far we have been very happy with our business relationship. We’re happy with our smart identification services and the customer support we receive from AU10TIX.
    As for the integration: Integrating with AU10TIX was easy on the technical side, in fact it was one of the reasons for choosing AU10TIX as our ID partner.

  • How do you see the future of digital identity in the sharing economy place?

    Today, online users understand the importance of security and the protection of their PII information. I feel that in five years from now it’s going to seem very natural for online users to provide businesses with their personal information and be willing to go through identification processes.

    We as an organization must be able to implement the right identity tools and AI technologies to ensure sellers and buyers’ information is safe, that’s why we need a trusted ID partner to support us. We’re working closely with AU10TIX to find adaptable solutions that meet our personal needs.

  • Do you perceive it as a challenge? Do you think people prefer less security over sharing their PII?

    I believe that the world is moving towards a place where users expect online platforms to be as trustworthy as possible and are becoming more and more compliant. I don’t see how the implementation of additional security measures will result in consumer loss.

  • One last question, what is the best experience or result you’ve had with AU10TIX?

    I feel that AU10TIX’s automated modular technology enables us scalability, diversity, and the flexibility in adding security measures very quickly in accordance with our business strategy. Another point here, this flexibility allows Fiverr a great competitive advantage against other participating companies operating in a very competitive industry. Although, I’d have to say that the best result and most important one for Fiverr is the ability to offer safe and seamless user experiences that inspire users’ trust.

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