AU10TICATOR SPOTLIGHT with Alan Heaffey, Lending and Credit Expert Leader, RCI Bank UK

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AU10TIX reduced operational costs, increased efficiency and improved customer experience with new identity management solution for automotive finance provider RCI Financial Services.


AU10TIX was tasked to improve the identity verification process for customers financing vehicles with RCI Financial Services. The finance provider wanted to increase efficiency and accelerate back-office processes with automation as well as improve the front-end customer experience when purchasing a vehicle.

An end-to-end customer identification process was introduced, saving hours of manual checks and authentication practices. 80% of identity verification processes have been automated, delivering a tremendous decrease in operational costs and increase in customer experience efficiency.

With a sixty-year history in the UK, RCI Financial Services is the financial services specialist for five of the UKu2019s leading car brands: Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Infiniti and Alpine. As well as helping individuals and businesses to buy, hire or lease new and used vehicles from RCIu2019s partners, the company also offers specialist insurance and wholesale funding solutions for parts and new and used vehicles.

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