AU10TICATOR SPOTLIGHT with Ofir Asbet, Product Group Manager at 888 Holdings

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AU10TIX enables 888 to deploy a fully automated customer journey while keeping their platform safe from fraudulent or underage activity.

The Challenge

888 Holdings needs to be able to onboard new players quickly and in a fraud-free environment. The company deploys gaming sites in regulated markets and regulation compliance is a top priority.

The Result

AU10TIX enables 888 Holdings to convert and onboard new players on their 100% automated with zero human intervention KYC platform. The company reports a drastically increased documentation verification rate due to to AU10TIX’s identity management solution.

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“Safer gambling is something that 888 has defined as a core value to the entire company. In fact, 888 invests strongly to ensure that safer gambling remains at the heart of the customer experience.”

Ofir AsbetProduct Group Manager at 888 Holdings

  • Can you please tell us about your professional history?

    I started my career as a system analyst at Orange (currently known as “Partner communications”) right after my Information Technologies studies. I then moved to Teva Pharmaceuticals to become a product manager of a clinical trial management system for a few years, which led to a short adventure of creating my own startup in the clinical trials area for a couple of years. I then decided it was the right time to move to the online industry and I was looking for an opportunity to manage a product that was more in the entertainment world and that operates on a large scale, and that’s how I landed at 888.

    I started as a product manager in the bingo department and shortly after got the opportunity to lead a cross compliance product team. After a while I was promoted to my current position as a Group Product Manager of the Funnel and Safer Gaming domains.

  • Could you tell us a bit about your responsibility as the Product Group Manager at 888?

    I’m currently leading 2 main product groups; The Funnel teams that are responsible for the entire onboarding experience from the very first time customers attempt to register and create an account with us all the way through to conversion and game play. As 888 operates in various regulated markets across Europe and the US, the Funnel group’s goal is to make sure our journey is engaging, simple and smooth while being compliant to each regulation at all times and attentive to each market needs.

    The second product domain is Safer Gaming. This group is responsible for creating unique features and proactive actions to make sure our customer experience is safe. We design products that provide full transparency to our customers, enabling them to monitor their gambling activity and making sure they remain in control of their game. This is something 888 has defined as a core value to the entire company and invests strongly to ensure that safer gambling remains at the heart of the customer experience.

  • What makes 888 unique?

    So many things! But above all – the people. With the company operating successfully for 25 years now, it’s so good to see the “family vibe” in the hallways, making it a home for so many people for so many years.

    Besides that, there is also the obvious stuff – 888 is a super successful gaming company, with a worldwide brand exposure, using the most advanced technology to make sure we provide the best and safest entertainment for our millions of customers. It always feels like 888 has its “corporate heart” in the right place!

“AU10TIX allows for a continuous and automated journey that gets our players to start playing faster. This is of course while making sure our platforms are safe from fraudulent or underage activity.”

Ofir AsbetProduct Group Manager at 888 Holdings

  • What made 888 choose AU10TIX as your identity verification partner? In your opinion, what are our key differentiators?

    What makes AU10TIX stand out and really distinguish itself from other identity verification providers is the service and attention we get from all the people we work with, who always make sure that we’re happy with what we get and go above and beyond to provide us with the best solutions to our needs. This is of course on top their great professionalism and vast knowledge in the world of documents and identity verification.

  • Which features of the AU10TIX solution does 888 employ? (Such as ID identification, Biometric layer, then Synthetic Fraud detection, POV Proof of Address, Age Verification)

    We currently use AU10TIX’s documents verification across several markets in both Europe and the US; this includes documents authentication, extraction of data, a “double check” service and soon we will implement the “secure me” service as well.

“The AU10TIX solution has dramatically increased our document verification rate.”

Ofir AsbetProduct Group Manager at 888 Holdings

  • Could you describe the process to integrate and implement our solution?

    I would definitely say that the process was smooth and easy. As I said, AU10TIX is very responsive and attentive to our needs and it’s easy to collaborate with all the different functions to get the implementation going in the most professional way.

  • How has our solution assisted in meeting your business goals? (i.e. ID identification, Biometric layer, then Synthetic Fraud detection, POV Proof of Address, Age Verification)

    AU10TIX’s solution assists us in several of our many KYC (“know your customer”) processes, as part of the customer onboarding. It makes it easier for us to guide our customers through the process and allows for a continuous and automated journey that gets our customers to start playing faster. This is of course while making sure we keep our platforms safe from fraudulent or underage activity.

  • What tangible results did 888 obtain from our solution? For example, how many IDs were verified?

    I can say that the solution has dramatically increased our documents verification rate, verifying hundreds of documents automatically on a monthly basis. This has another benefit of assisting our very busy customer support teams so they do not have to go through these documents manually.

  • How do you see AU10TIX fitting into the company’s long-term objectives?

    888 is constantly expanding to new regulated markets and territories. Having an integration with AU10TIX services that is easy to adjust per market and by regulation need makes it easier for us to overcome at least one major barrier to entry that would otherwise be in place.

  • What is the best experience or result you’ve had with AU10TIX?

    Back in 2020, when we first launched Au10tix’s service in one of our European brands, it took us around three months to stabilize the integration and be happy with the results. We needed to make sure we got the results we were looking for and Au10tix’s team was there with us every step of the way, working together, gathering and analyzing data from both sides and brainstorming to make sure we optimized the solution to its best. That positive first-time experience made us realize we had a true partner to work with and paved the way to the next markets.

  • How would you describe the relationship, customer care and support provided by AU10TIX?

    The best! It is very evident that AU10TIX gives high priority to customer care and the business relationship. I feel like I can trust the team with our product needs, I know I’ll get the attention I need when something comes up and all of that always comes with a ‘can do’ attitude and a fast delivery.

About 888 Holdings

888’s mission is to develop state-of-the-art technology and products that provide fun, fair and safe digital gambling products to players globally

Owning and developing its own technology enables 888 to create differentiated products, adapt to regulatory changes effectively, enhance customer safety, and respond quickly to new opportunities. Its product-leadership strategy is central to the company’s growth plans, providing safe, quick, content-rich and entertaining products that can be deployed to millions of customers, driving superior return on investment.

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