New Self-Sovereign Identity Solution

Managing employee identity in a Self-Sovereign era

Verifiable credentials pave the way to security-minded, privacy-first identity management. Our new capability brings four decades of identity verification experience, enabling effective identity management without the need for collecting and storing employees’ personal data.

Learn how AU10TIX is building the identity network of the future.

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”86% of people believe businesses and organizations collect more information than needed. 64% have quit doing business or working with an organization for asking for too much personal information.”

Wakefield Research

Discover the different ways to get
Contextual Credentials with AU10TIX 

Custom Credential Platform
Leverage AU10TIX’s expertise and 100% automated technology to create interoperable and immutable credentials of government-issued IDs for your wallet of choice.
Microsoft Entra Verified ID
Tap into Microsoft’s new product for creating, issuing and verifying privacy-respecting decentralized identity credentials for more secure interactions with anyone or anything.

How do verifiable credentials work?

Each verifiable credential is a signed container of identity data from an authoritative source (Issuer)
that an individual or entity (User) can choose to share with another entity (Verifier)


Bolster security while enhancing privacy through decentralized identity management


From days to minutes:
Onboard employees, pronto!

Verifiable credentials remove human dependencies and interactions that typically weigh down the onboarding process. Now you can onboard remotely, without compromising on security

Learn about what employee onboarding looks like in the future:


For your eyes only:
Streamlined access management through verifiable credentials

Verified credentials make it easier than ever before to manage employee entitlements and access to workplace applications and infrastructure. 

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Reclaiming time and resources with self-service account recovery

Account recovery and password resets are time sinks that overwhelm help desks and drain resources. Verifiable credentials enable employees to recover accounts autonomously and hassle-free. 

How does it work? Find out below:


”Microsoft is realizing its dream of decentralized ID starting now, and I am excited for AU10TIX to be a participant in this journey - one of a variety of initiatives we are exploring to collectively reimagine the future of identity management.”

Carey O’connor Kolaja CEO, AU10TIX


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Advanced consortium fraud detection is just the tip of the iceberg. Interested to learn more? We’d love to meet and show you how AU10TIX technology moves the dial on your KYC-assurance and fraud prevention goals.

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