About Us

Why follow the market when you can help define it?

Did we mention? We built the technology that provided identity intelligence for airports and border controls. Then we added new superpowers for digital enterprise with the help of machine learning and all that other clever stuff.

Trusted by hundreds of enterprises worldwide

Our Story

We were in identity intelligence before we made it so… intelligent.

Is this the part where we’re supposed to tell you ‘we’re a world leader’ in identity verification and management? As the world’s first enterprise solution for identity verification, we’ve hopefully earned the right to say it with a straight face.

Our journey started offline in 1982. Before ‘online’ was even ‘a thing’. That’s when we pioneered global airport security technology. Then our journey took us into new, exciting digital spaces in 2002. That’s when we founded AU10TIX on top of the same technology. Today, brands like Google, PayPal and Uber trust AU10TIX because… well, ask them.


Our Commitment

Trust is a transaction of close relationships.

Commit your trust to us and we’ll commit to keeping your identity intelligence superpowers three steps ahead of risk fraud and compliance. No matter what curve balls they throw. Without complicating the experiences you work hard to provide.

Industry Accolades

What Sets Us Apart

Leading the future of identity

Deep Experience
We were the world’s first enterprise solution for identity verification
Automated not Hybrid
8-second verification without even partial human involvement
Relentless Innovation
14 R&D patents granted, 19 pending at time of writing
First-of-a-kind tech detecting synthetic fraud patterns globally

Our Mission

Protecting people has always been part of ours.

The most meaningful mission we can undertake? To obliterate fraud while furthering a more secure and inclusive world. With your help, and the help of our partners, we’re confident we can be long term guardians of physical identity in an increasingly digital world.

Industry Accolades