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AU10TIX is an identity intelligence company on a mission to obliterate fraud and make the world a more secure and inclusive place, with forensic-grade technology that confidently links our physical and digital identities.

AU10TIX’s proprietary technology, unlike traditional, semi-manual identity verification products, returns identity verification results in a matter of seconds, safely meeting the real-time demands of today’s world of physical–digital transactions. 
The company’s most recent funding is an $80M investment from TPG and Oak HC/FT to fuel growth and innovation for the future of identity’s role in society. Headquartered in Israel, AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (OTCQB: ICTSF).

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Know your customers, onboard in seconds with fully automated identity verification

AU10TIX’s smart forensic-level ID authentication technology links physical and digital identities, meets compliance mandates, and ensures your customers know their trust and safety come first.

Brands like Google, Uber, PayPal, Bird, Grab and Payoneer turn to AU10TIX to verify and protect their biggest asset—their customers—with critical, modular solutions, from identity document verification to biometric authentication, liveness detection, electronic identity data verification and synthetic fraud detection.

From implementation to optimization, AU10TIX tailors these capabilities to help global business leaders balance unique goals and requirements across user experience, compliance, growth and safety.

“Visa is constantly searching for companies to work with that provide clients innovative technologies for securing account. Partnering with AU10TIX will provide industry-leading document authentication to prevent fraud as clients assess new account applications.”
Mark Nelsen, Senior VP of Risk and Authentication Products. 


Second Average for Identity Verification

Meet consumer expectations for instant access with an ultra-fast onboarding experience capable of reading low-quality but valid images already deployed and by many Fortune 500 companies that want to provide safer, more seamless services.


of the world population is already scanned - and we keep going!

BuildAU10TIX harnesses the technology that enabled safe borders and airports, to transform the way businesses verify and authenticate their users – smart, automatic and lightning fast. A pioneer in next-gen authentication technologies, the solution enables 100% automated forensic-level ID authentication, multi-modal biometric face-matching, POA/POR processing and data verification and KYC screening.

population scanned


Learn why AU10TIX was selected by Microsoft to unlock the future of Identity verification.